Fire Emblem Engage: Etie Tidbits via Twitter

We have another Firenese character spotlight for Fire Emblem Engage.

Seen felling a pegasus knight in the debut trailer and accompanying Alfred in his spotlight, Etie is an archer with a noble background.

Her profile:

Etie (VA: Tomomi Mineuchi) is a palace knight from the Kingdom of Firene. She’s a noble lady who exudes elegance. Has a positive and active personality; devotes all her time to body-building

Similar to Louis, it seems she’s not Alfred’s retainer as I guessed, but she still serves under him as a palace knight.

Next, a battle scene:

This battle occurs in the same map as the Vander spotlight. Alear and the Dragon Guardians are attacked by unknown enemies (most likely the Elusians given their colour scheme) while presumably at the Land of Lythos, near the very start of the game.

In the Vander spotlight, the only playable units on the map were Alear, Vander, Framme and Cramme. However, this time, Alfred, Etie and the unnamed brown-haired axe guy are also here. I’m guessing they appear as reinforcements slightly later on?

At this point, Etie is a Level 4 Archer (class type: Spy) with an Iron Bow. Also, Alear has Engaged with Marth; previously, he simply equipped Marth normally.

There are many Lance Pegasus on this map–at least 4 visible. So this is a great opportunity for Etie to shine. Other efficient options include using Vander and the brown-haired axe guy.

I think after this map, we may see the conversation from Alfred’s spotlight, where Alfred learns who Alear is.

Finally, a conversation:

For a change, the conversation doesn’t occur at what I’m assuming in the central hub of the Somniel base–the big round, open space where the shops are.

Instead, I think it occurs near a stable? Judging from the doors behind Etie. It could also be near the farm-like area seen in the debut trailer.

The screenshot on the left is from Etie’s spotlight, while the screenshot on the right is from the debut trailer. The fences have the same design and I reckon the pavilion behind Alear could be the same one near the top-left corner of the debut trailer screenshot.

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