Fire Emblem Engage: Boucheron Tidbits via Twitter

This week, the official Japanese Fire Emblem Twitter account has showcased another Fire Emblem Engage character.

Boucheron is a character who appeared in the debut trailer, but only as a unit on the map–and without a name. He later appeared during Alfred’s spotlight.

His profile:

Boucheron (VA: Toru Sakurai) is a palace knight from the Kingdom of Firene. He’s a polite and kind young man. Born with a good physique and highly tolerant of others.

A battle scene:

This map seems to occur in Firene, the verdant kingdom. It’s the same map in Alfred’s showcase, with NPCs along the top and rows of hedges near the north-east corner.

The other units on the map include Alear (Engaged with Marth), Etie, Chloé, Framme, Celiné (Engaged with Celica) and someone (Cramme?) Engaged with Sigurd. I think Boucheron has swapped places with Alfred (seemingly missing) here.

Boucheron here is Level 7. His Axe Fighter class is a Backup type, similar to the Lance Fighter that Alear fought in the debut trailer. He has two axes, including an Iron Axe.

His foe is a Level 8 Sword Knight (type: Cavalry), wielding a Slim Sword. Boucheron has a weapon triangle disadvantage here, but the foe cannot trigger a Break. That said, even if they could trigger a Break, it’d be kind of useless during this phase.

Since he’s near Celiné, he is receiving her skill effect.

Finally, a conversation:

This is another conversation back at the Somniel base. Possibly from a support conversation?

Boucheron: Say, Lord Divine Dragon, do you have a method to relieve stress?

Alear: I’ve never really thought about it. Why, do you have any methods, Boucheron?

Boucheron: Yup, a few.

Boucheron: Like going to a quiet mountain and fishing in the clear waters…

Alear: Wow…! That sounds fun. I’d love to try it myself!

Boucheron: Well, if you don’t mind, would you like to go with me? If you end up liking it, it could be a little hobby for you.

With this, all of the Firenese characters from the trailer have probably been showcased. I wonder who they’ll profile next… There are still many characters from the trailer that we don’t know about, such as the rest of the representatives of each kingdom and Citrinne.

This is a long shot, but it’d also be a good time to release another trailer, since we’re around halfway between the announcement (13th September) and the release day (20th January). This is purely wishful thinking though!

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