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Fire Emblem Engage: Boucheron Tidbits via Twitter

This week, the official Japanese Fire Emblem Twitter account has showcased another Fire Emblem Engage character.

Boucheron is a character who appeared in the debut trailer, but only as a unit on the map–and without a name. He later appeared during Alfred’s spotlight.

His profile:

Boucheron (VA: Toru Sakurai) is a palace knight from the Kingdom of Firene. He’s a polite and kind young man. Born with a good physique and highly tolerant of others.

A battle scene:

This map seems to occur in Firene, the verdant kingdom. It’s the same map in Alfred’s showcase, with NPCs along the top and rows of hedges near the north-east corner.

The other units on the map include Alear (Engaged with Marth), Etie, Chloé, Framme, Celiné (Engaged with Celica) and someone (Cramme?) Engaged with Sigurd. I think Boucheron has swapped places with Alfred (seemingly missing) here.

Boucheron here is Level 7. His Axe Fighter class is a Backup type, similar to the Lance Fighter that Alear fought in the debut trailer. He has two axes, including an Iron Axe.

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