Fire Emblem Engage: Elusia & Ivy Tidbits via Twitter

It’s a new week; is the Japanese official Fire Emblem Twitter going to flood us with more Fire Emblem Engage info again?

In any case, today we’re starting with a quick overview of Elusia:

Elusia is a religious and magic-focused nation founded in north-east Elyos, ruled by Hyacinth the Sage King, who pursues knowledge and wisdom. Its people are devoted to the worship of the Fell Dragon and, in recent years, there have been suspicious activities underfoot.

I forgot to mention that the Sage King was already mentioned on the official site, but it didn’t specify his name. However, since there aren’t many candidates to choose from, it’s not a surprise that Hyacinth is the king.

Next, some artwork and info for Ivy:

Ivy (VA: Yōko Hikasa) is the first princess of the Kingdom of Elusia, and Hortensia’s older sister. She has a mysterious presence, with a serious and quiet personality.

The Kingdom of Elusia worships the Fell Dragon. As its princess, Ivy seems to be searching for the Emblem Rings.

Her description was already available via the game’s official site, which we discussed earlier.

To add onto the above, Ivy and Hortensia are half-siblings; they share the same father, but different mother. Presumably their father is King Hyacinth.

Afterwards, a battle scene featuring Ivy:

This was also on the official site. But for your convenience, I’ll repeat the analysis.

Ivy is a Level 1 Wing Tamer (Flying type) here. It’s simply Tamer in the Japanese version. She has Elfire (C rank), Physic, Elthunder, Elwind and Mend. Her foe is an Elusian.

This map is Firene on fire. There are two dragon/monster units near Ivy, although one is off-screen. The other playable units are located towards the south-east.

There’s a hidden detail here that’s easy to miss. When Ivy is moving, she enters the aggro range of Zephia, the silver-haired leader of the Four Hounds. I believe Zephia is a wyvern rider with a sword, but currently she’s seemingly Engaged with Sigurd, because the forecast shows Zephia using Sigurd’s Engage skill, Override.

During the transition from map to battle, you can also just about see Zephia equipped with Sigurd at the top-left corner. Similar to Hortensia at the Brodian bridge, possessed Emblems appear red on the map.

From what we know, Sigurd is one of the first Emblem rings you obtain–given to Alear by Lumera before he/she leaves Lythos and arrives at Firene. Since this map likely occurs later on (because Ivy is playable and Firene is on fire), it’s possible that you’ll lose (and presumably regain) Emblem rings as the story progresses.

Something I didn’t notice last time, the ships in the background are bearing Elusia’s flag. This suggests that the Elusian invaders entered Firene via ship. Originally I thought that Alear and friends could be heading to the ships to escape the blaze. That said, we do know Ivy is playable here, so those ships could be hers (and friendly).

Finally, a cutscene with Ivy:

Likewise, this was on the official site.

You should recognise the end of the scene as the moment when Ivy appears during the “Divine Dragon Awakens” story trailer.

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