Fire Emblem Engage: Merrin & Somniel Tidbits via Twitter

Today’s daily dose of Fire Emblem Engage content includes Merrin’s profile, plus yet more Somniel stuff, but stuff we haven’t seen much of.

Merrin’s profile:

Merrin (VA: Nanako Mori) is a royal knight from Solm. She’s a knight with an extravagant vibe, who tries to look cool every day.

A battle scene:

Merrin is at a Solmic palace, in the exterior part like in Timerra’s spotlight. Also like Timerra, she’s separated from the rest of the gang for some reason.

She’s a Level 2 Wolf Knight (Cavalry) with a Silver Dagger (B rank), Stiletto, Silver Sword, Killing Edge and Vulnerary. Her foe’s an Elusian with a Steel Lance.

A conversation with Timerra:

Timerra: What’s up, Merrin? You look pretty spaced out.

Merrin: Hello Princess, my apologies. I was just deep in thought.

Timerra: What were you thinking ’bout?

Merrin: I was reminiscing about the time I first met you.

Timerra: Ahh! When you ran away from home because you didn’t want to take over as head of the family?

Merrin: Yes, that’s correct.

Merrin: Ever since I was young, I wanted to be a knight. But it was decided I’d be the next village chief…

Merrin: I got tired of all the stupid reasons and left the village.

Timerra: You were always a tomboy, weren’t you?

Merrin: No, I don’t consider myself a tomboy.

Merrin: After I left the village, I wandered around aimlessly…

Merrin: That’s when it happened. I met a real tomboy riding on a wolf.

Timerra: Ahahaha! You’re talking ’bout me?

Fancy a trip to the flea market?

At the “Flea Market”, you can purchase rare items not found in regular shops. The selection of items can change, so it’s a good idea to check back from time to time.

A look at the Profile Card feature:

The “Profile Card” keeps a record of your gameplay and features a brief introduction of yourself. By using communication features, you can show your card to other players and receive their cards. The more you progress, the more phrases and elements you can choose from.

For favourite characters, you can choose bosses (such as Abyme and Rodine).

For titles, the top quotes belong to Lyn, Eirika, Ike, Micaiah, Lucina, Corrin and Byleth. I think they’re all quotes from their games; I didn’t have time to grab the localised quotes.

Finally, a glimpse of the photo mode:

You can print an image (take a photo) to use for your Profile Card. Choose from your favourite Somniel locations, characters, accessories and poses, to create a photo that you’re happy with.

The 3rd screen could hint at the total number of playable characters.

You can select 50 “characters”. Before you get too excited, 12 are Emblems (actually, 13 if you include Ephraim). 1 is for “None” (no character to display). So that’s 14 to take off.

Leaving us with 36.

This number also matches the rough estimate from the leaked screenshots.

So far, we officially know of 32 playable characters. 8 royals + their 2 retainers = 24. Plus Jean, Yunaka, Seadall and Anna is 28. Add Alear and the Stewards of the Dragon gives 32. We also know of one more character from the leaks and Korean screenshots. So that’s 33/36.

For the record, Sommie can be selected for photos, but the mysterious creature occupies its own slot.

Just in case, DLC characters/Emblems being among the 50 choices is possible, but I have doubts since, aside from the dedicated Expansion Pass trailer, no footage has featured DLC thus far.

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