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Fire Emblem Heroes: 6th Anniversary Feh Channel & Choose Your Legends 7 Winners

Today, Fire Emblem Heroes celebrates its 6th anniversary. Like previous years, Nintendo shared an anniversary Feh Channel video.

Highlights include the winners of this year’s Choose Your Legends event.

Congratulations to male Robin, Gullveig, Soren and female Corrin for achieving the 1st and 2nd places in the male and female divisions!

(By the way, the top 4 were leaked by the website moments before the announcement, similar to previous years.)

Next, the upcoming Valentine’s banner will be centred on Fire Emblem Fates. The featured Heroes will be Takumi, Leo, Hana and Duo Elise with Sakura. Effie will be the Tempest Trials reward.

(Likewise, the banner line up was leaked in advance.)

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