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Heroes: Patch 2.10.0 has arrived! Weapon refines! GHB Abyssal Maps! Golden Ducky!

Fire Emblem Heroes has a new patch update – available from today! In order of appearance within the update, here’s a quick summary of what’s ahead:

  • Abyssal difficulty for daily Grand Hero Battles
  • Lite Data Version
  • New weapon skill and weapons to refine
  • Favourite-mark names
  • Help text consistency changes for certain special skills, and explanation for how damage is calculated.

First up: Abyssal difficulty has been added to the seven Grand Hero Battles that were introduced into daily rotation on the 13th of February 2018.

This includes: Navarre, Michalis, Ursula, Xander, Lloyd, Narcian, and Female Robin. The Golden accessory rewards contain a Golden Ducky, and that’s all that really matters in this update. No bias. The seven Gold items are below:

Image source: user Kaz_Kirigiri on Reddit

They all look pretty neat, to be honest. I think the Golden Mysterious Mask will see a lot of use, too. Today is coincidentally Navarre’s turn in the daily rotation, and beating his map on Abyssal difficulty will net you the glorious Golden Ducky. Get on it!

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