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Heroes: Kris Finally Arrives in “Heroes, Light and Shadow”, Alongside Lena & Julian!

Following the 10th anniversary of New Mystery of the Emblem (has it been that long?!), Fire Emblem Heroes has released a new trailer featuring Heroes from that game (and the original that it’s a remake of).

Titled “Heroes, Light and Shadow” (which is the same as the game’s extra sub-title in Japanese), the featured Heroes are: Kris (male), Julian, Lena and Kris (female). At long last, the secondary protagonist of New Mystery, as well as the very first Avatar character, is here!

As usual, one of these four Heroes will be part of the 4-star focus, although if you thought it’d be Julian because of… obvious reasons, it’s actually Lena! Then again, she has no new skills, we guess. The summoning event will run from 20th July (UTC). In addition, Eremiya: Bishop of Woe will appear in the next scheduled Grand Hero Battle.

For a text breakdown of the new Heroes, please carry onward…

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