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Echoes: Mila’s Bounty 4 Available Today

Just a small heads up for Fire Emblem Echoes players: the fourth free DLC “Mila’s Bounty 4” is available to download starting from today.

Despite being promised as weekly DLC for a limited period, Mila’s Bounty skipped the previous week for some reason. Perhaps to space out the DLC before the final piece– Cipher Companions–arrives on 22nd June 2017.

In any case, this DLC provides access to the second Pitchfork item. After this, there’s only one more Mila’s Bounty, which provides the third and final Pitchfork. You’d better plan your potential Villagers wisely, if you haven’t already done so!

Echoes: Rise of the Deliverance Available in the West

Today’s Thursday, which means another dose of Fire Emblem Echoes DLC.

This week’s main highlight is the “Rise of the Deliverance” prequel DLC, which features four maps that focus on the efforts of the Deliverance before Act 1 of the main story begins.

These maps also reward players with new support conversations, memory scenes and new items upon successful completion. You even get the rare chance to play as the prideful Fernand in the first map.

On top of that, there’s free DLC for everyone in the shape of “Mila’s Bounty 3”, which grants a Taurus Shard and shiny Gold Purse, perfect for improving your team further.

After this, there’s only the “Cipher Companions” DLC left, as well as two more free gifts from the Mother Mila. Surprisingly, the final selection of DLC will be releasing on the same day as Japan: 22nd June 2017. At least in North America.