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Fire Emblem Engage: Personal Skills, Bond Upgrades & Birthdays up to Chapter 8

Thanks to Nintendo World Report‘s coverage of Fire Emblem Engage, we have additional details for characters’ personal skills, Bond Level upgrades for Emblems and character birthdays up to Chapter 8 (where previewers are allowed to talk about).

Most of this info can be found via their screenshot gallery. However, there are some bits and pieces from Reddit and Discord too.

Special thanks to GrimaceDuMinace for providing info and TipperTheScales for collecting info.

Personal Skills

Although the Elusian royals and retainers don’t join you by Chapter 8, they all appear as foes on the map, with their personal skills intact.

I didn’t notice/know beforehand, but Kagetsu and Zelkov join Ivy during the defence of Brodia castle at Chapter 8. It makes sense since Hortensia was joined by her retainers in Chapter 7.

So far, most of the personal skills seem to have fairly minor effects. Besides Céline’s, which grants 50% more HP recovery when items are used near her, Citrinne and Hortensia’s skills stand out to me.

Citrinne’s skill heals adjacent allies when she uses a healing item. Meanwhile, Hortensia gets +1 to staff range. It could mesh well with Micaiah’s Augment, which grants +5 to staff range.

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