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Heroes: Doorway to Destiny Brings Three of Judgral’s Best

Not long ago, Nintendo Mobile posted the trailer for their next upcoming batch of new heroes, in the Doorway to Destiny banner. This banner will feature two very powerful fighters, as well as a new dancer, all from Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War (FE4), and all bringing some new skills with them.

For full character artwork, check out 4Gamer.net’s post.

Additionally, in the next Tempest Trials+, Ethlyn: Spirited Princess will be available as a reward unit, giving the game its first free Cavalry Staff user, presumably as at both four and five star rarity. For those unfamiliar, Ethlyn is Quan’s wife, and the franchise’s first Troubadour (wielding Swords and Staves at base, and promoting to Paladin in SNES days).

Doorway to Destiny becomes available as of September 7 at 12a PT, and as expected, comes with a story chapter series with which to collect Orbs from. If you have a craving for some new powerhouses, then best of luck you, Summoners!

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