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Fire Emblem Engage: Somniel Analysis

At long last, I’ll be covering the Somniel trailer that Nintendo Japan shared last Friday.

By the way, this is Part 3 of the analysis for Friday’s Fire Emblem Engage content. If you missed them, feel free to check out Part 1, which covers the Expansion Pass, and Part 2, which covers the official website, etc.

At the time of writing, the western branches of Nintendo haven’t shared an English version of the trailer. However, I’ll point you to a fan-translated version, by SatsumaFS on Twitter.

Update: Nintendo of America and Europe have now shared their version of the trailer. However, because I don’t have much time, I’ve left some screenshots from the Japanese version.

Once again, thanks to TipperTheScales for providing assistance.


The Somniel is a floating base where you can relax between battles, similar to My Castle in FE Fates and, to an extent, the monastery in Three Houses.

On the left is artwork of the Somniel, while on the right is a zoomed out in-game shot.

We saw a tiny bit of the Somniel during the debut trailer, around the Plaza and checking out the Boutique. But this time, we’ll be getting a more in-depth look.

As you’d expect, you can find your allies chilling at the Somniel. Diamant appears to be enjoying a spot of fishing, while Amber stands nearby. Meanwhile, Goldmary is gazing at the plaza from higher up.

Unlike during battle, your allies wear more casual attire. Well, it makes sense, since you wouldn’t want to lug around heavy armour when you’re off-duty!

Prepare for Battle

At the Somniel, there are various facilities you can use to prepare for future battles.

These are all conveniently located around the Plaza. To the left of Alear, is Lapis. In the Hong Kong trailer, Framme is there instead. Meanwhile, in the English trailer, the honour goes to Fogado.

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