Fire Emblem if Famitsu 11th June Leak: Some (more) familiar faces…

It’s that time of the day again; some stealthy Japanese fans or whatnot have taken a peak at this week’s issue of Famitsu, which officially releases on 11th June.


Earlier, Famitsu, gave us a tiny preview of what to expect, plus a picture of Zero’s portrait (above). From this, we know there will be additional details on the My Castle feature (such as the mysterious prison) and 7 new character profiles.

The leaked information begins with three new character profiles, including two very familiar looking characters…

Pieri (Cavalier) [Nohr]

Subordinate to Nohr’s Prince Marx. Has a peculiar personality where she transforms into a violent alter-ego upon sensing danger on the battlefield.

Personal Skill [Killer Instinct] If user KOs an enemy with their attack, Strength, Magic, Skill and Speed +4 for one turn.


Lazward (Mercenary) [Nohr]

Likes girls and has a habit of spending his free days picking up women. Good at dancing and can use it as a special command.

Personal Skill [???] When used as a command, Strength and Speed +1 to all allies within a 2 tile radius for one turn.

Odin (Dark Mage) [Nohr]

A sorcerer who performs daily research into “amazing special moves”. Easily fired up and in danger of losing control of his power.

Personal Skill [Blood Boil] When equipped with a forged weapon whose name is written with 8 kanji, critical rate +10.

Yup, that's totally Severa.

Yup, that’s totally Severa.

Last time, we were introduced to Luna (above), who was a dead ringer for Severa from Awakening. This time, Intelligent Systems isn’t even trying to hide the fact that Lazward and Odin are “homages” to Inigo and Owain, who are again children characters from Awakening.

A curious fact: Lucina, Severa, Owain and Inigo are the most popular children character in Awakening, according to Nintendo’s official character poll. Is that the reason their “likenesses” are in this game? (Lucina herself appears via her Amiibo.)

Besides those three characters, there are profiles for Zero, Charlotte, Benoit and Orochi–the latter three already have profiles on the game’s official site (and you can read them on our Characters page).

Next, although there are currently no scans to back up the following information, this was all reported by the same person who posted the Famitsu scan.


Personal Skill [Woman’s True Nature] When facing a female enemy, Damage +4 and Critical rate +20.


Personal Skill [Intimidate] Enemies within a 2 tile radius receive Avoid -10.

This may be Hinoka trying to persuade a captive.

This may be Hinoka trying to persuade a captive.


When Orochi or Zero use their “capture” command to defeat an enemy, that enemy will be sent to the prison.

Captured enemies can then be recruited to your army by successfully scouting them with resources or by persuading them. Certain enemies, such as bosses, cannot be captured.

Seasoned fans may know that capturing was present in Thracia 776, where a handful of characters could only be recruited via capturing. During “capture mode”, all of the user’s stats were halved, so it was a very risky maneuver that required great skill and planning.

That’s all for the leaks so far, but there’s more to see, including details on the Arena, Forge, Lilith’s Shrine, My Room and Accessory Shop.

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  • Franchezco Marice Lamont

    Two rules about people called Zero;
    1. They’re always cool.
    2. If I’m wrong, refer to rule 1.

  • Ingo and Owain theories in 3 … 2 … 1 …

  • Kujja

    i was starting to melt waiting for leaks xD

  • Blonde Panther

    Gonna be honest here… not too happy with the personalities for another three characters being essentially the same as children characters from Awakening. At least if Pieri isn’t a total wimp outside of her violent episodes, I guess that could work, but it’s not really indicative of hard work on IS’s part. I mean, Awakening only came out a few years ago… at least use a game that’s older or be more subtle about it.

    Still can’t wait for the game to come out otherwise, though.

    • An Tran

      We need a new Ilyana.

      • Blonde Panther

        Well, ideally I would just have original or at least new concepts…

        • Sarina Robinson

          Oh no! three characters who haven’t had dialogue and I’m already whining wahhhhh!!!>you

    • Delvin Pitts

      Well too bad, the Japanese players love it so they come first.

      • Blonde Panther

        I guess that’s fair. I usually keep in mind that Intelligent Systems and Nintendo primarily produce for a Japanese audience, so they’ll mostly if not entirely cater to those demands. For me personally, there’s not really any added value, but I’ll see how they end up. *shrug* Like I said, I’m still getting the game. I’m still excited, just not equally excited for all characters and aspects. I think that’s reasonable.

  • I doubt this is anything smart I bet the designer just sucks at his job. I can’t believe they only thought of this guy when honestly awakening didn’t have the best character design. I’m a massive awakening fan too, I’d say it’s my fav game in the series but character design wasn’t perfect for sure.

    • superdawge

      What a character designer draws is based on specific instructions from their directors – the character’s personality and a general idea what they may look like. They then draw drafts and submit them for feedback. If the drawings are approved, they are used in the game. These designs are as planned and deliberate as Marx and Ryouma’s designs. There is a reason they look the way they do.

      • Thank you! Finally some says something reasonable about it!

    • Richard Shiflett

      I assume they were told to make AWakening clones of popular characters as it could help Nohr sales.

      • I wouldn’t doubt that, that makes sense. Since white version is obviously the version awakening fans should be buying they need a hook to get them to spend money on the same game.

    • Just will say there are so many things wrong with that statement as that’s not how the character design process actually works.

    • Delvin Pitts

      Oh shut the fuck up already. They are popular voted characters so of course it’s called fan service.

      • Lol, I love the characters but do we really need clones of them. Hell could have just thrown them in as spot pass or DLC characters. It just shows how they are likely saving money on their budget by reusing models from awakening.

        • superdawge

          Using Spot Pass would save money on their budget. Drawing a redesign to have them as Nohr characters costs money. Writing entirely new support conversations to flesh them out as characters in this game costs money. The developers put time, effort and money into inserting these characters special into FE:if, and they did it for the fans who adore these characters.

        • Nai Quona

          Not really since Odin a dark mage plus the face and foot model looks better in IF compare to Awakening so you can’t say they use the same model. Plus I think they got some sort of reason for having these clones that may be plot relevant. Also, the clones you mention are from Nohr side I don’t know if you can recruit them in Hoshido but yea.

          PS. Saving money by reusing model sounds good but I think the DLC would solve that problem already with having to buy either or both FE IF gams.

        • Delvin Pitts

          1: if they put it on street pass then the only difference is they would be abated scraps.

          2: they put them in there for fanservice.

          3: how’s a budget make it any different.

          Duh dumbass.

    • noakai

      People have already explained why the idea that it was not on purpose makes no sense but the character descriptions should tell you that it was deliberate anyway – they basically describe Inigo and Owain to a T. This was done deliberately, not accidentally or because someone is too lazy to design new characters. Whether you like that or not is another thing but this wasn’t a coincidence.

  • all around me are familiar faces…….. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Nick

    Please Im hoping they’re just descendants arg. Im cool if im that Odin guys great great grandpa or wutever but if not thats just laziness.

    • Delvin Pitts

      It’s because they were voted popular characters in japan. Also in fire emblem there are different worlds in the out realm gate.

  • An Tran

    Welp, I finally am starting to warm up to this game. As a decade+ long fan of series, all I had to do was drop my expectations for this game to absolute zero. I’m not really excited for it nor do I think it’ll be as great as pre-Shadow Dragon games were as a Fire Emblem game. But as a mobile-generation-friendly game, it’ll be a cute game to play satisfy the anime nerd in me.

  • kiu

    “When equipped with a forged weapon whose name is written with 8 kanji, critical rate +10.” interesting… does this mean any random kanji characters will do? and i wonder how will this translate to the international versions….

    • Doctor Robert

      A weapon with 13+ characters?

  • yoyomom

    Darn. For a second there, I was hoping the capture feature was gonna be the method of recruiting characters from the other team.

    • Ghostlander

      Umm…That’s exactly what was said, wtf?

      “Captured enemies can then be recruited to your army by successfully scouting them with resources or by persuading them.”

  • IMO it would have been amusing if they all had polar opposite personalities as the children they’re based off of. If they told Yusuke to do this then it’s not his fault. But if this was all Yusuke’s idea then they should have gotten someone else to do the designs (or at least someone to oversee him) So I won’t give him any flack until I know what’s going on (though things usually point to the former than the latter, as in they tell Yusuke what to do. Because seriously, designers don’t just run out of character ideas. If that’s the case then they draw ideas from other characters that aren’t from their work, they don’t just reuse their own designs unless they’re made to…or they’re like the vast population of Deviantart (or they’re just completely full of themselves and just lazy beyond belief….and I doubt Yusuke goes into that category)

    • Agumon_Ql_Sabio


      • I see what you’re getting at but I need words

        • Agumon_Ql_Sabio

          This is not something new. Nor is it the worst case. Fire Emblem games have dozens of examples of reusing desings.

          • I’ve been around the franchise since 6, what you’re saying isn’t new to me.

          • anon

            wow look at you and how cool you are. no one cares how long you’ve been in the fandom

          • So I originally gave you this long ass response but then I realized….you’re an anon. You didn’t even set up your account….so yeah, you don’t even care enough to get notifications about this to respond back (unless I’m confusing it with guest accounts). I really don’t need to explain myself to you. If you’re dumb enough to think I was gloating with my previous statement, you are horribly wrong.

  • Saturo96

    Oh well… two units that i might not use…

  • Dillon Xiong

    finally… another update lol, i waited about 4 days, which is about 96 hours, which is about 5760 minutes, which is about 345600 seconds… lol. But man, the capture thing is pretty cool.

  • Matías E. Albornoz

    If i can capture revenants and the like, i’m sold!

  • Mark Mabalot

    If Pieri is based on Noire, then that debunks the whole Awakening popularity poll idea.

    • superdawge

      Well, Pieri doesn’t look like a direct clone like Luna and the others, and FE is no stranger to characters having overlapping quirks. We’ve seen countless different characters who are all flirts (Sain, Virion, Gatrie) and characters who are young but don’t want to be babied (Rolf, Ricken, Tsukuyomi). Split personality could be a rising new archetype.

      • Mark Mabalot

        That’s true as well. I had actually not looked at the picture of Pieri prior to my previous comment, and I assumed that Lazwald was the only one of the three to have an actual picture.

  • Sarina Robinson

    These Awakenibg lookalikes look interesting,but most people are gonna complain at the sight if anything similar to Awakening,too bad most FE fans are whiners who hate progress and anything new! Anyway, I’m loving these character designs! I think Kozaki is FE at this point! He’s the best artist they’ve ever had!

    • Doctor Robert

      I’m just worried because (like Awakening before it) with these lookalikes and amiibos, all I’m going to be concerned about is getting the previous games’ characters…. which kind of sucks for the new story.

      But then again, maybe not…

    • maybe

      Are you saying that reused character designs and personalities are progress/anything new
      They’re not

  • Doctor Robert

    That capture function is freaking awesome. My dungeon will be overfull!! ^_^

    Owain was my favorite character in FEA but it was his uniqueness that made half his awesome… now he gets a ^%@#%* clone.

    Of course, if it really turns out that the three are actually the same three from FEA, modestly reclassed with the help of some Second Seals and also after a jaunt through the Outrealm Gate, ala Camus/Zeke/Sirius, then I’d be all for it (not entirely happy because that’s still lazy writing to keep the “public” “happy” but still better than making up a soulless clone)…

    …And thus, another FanFiction is born! Also, some head-canon but that goes without saying. Hey, we all need intricate ways to stomach the post-shark-jump games. 😉

    • Doctor Robert

      P̶i̶e̶r̶i̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶j̶u̶s̶t̶ ̶a̶ ̶t̶r̶a̶d̶i̶t̶i̶o̶n̶a̶l̶ ̶r̶e̶h̶a̶s̶h̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶a̶n̶ ̶a̶r̶c̶h̶i̶t̶y̶p̶e̶.̶

    • Delvin Pitts

      Well of course they’re going to make copies because they’re popular in japan.

  • Clka Tu

    Who is Zero? Does anyone have a description or a profile for him??

    • Kujja

      Zero ?
      this one xD ?

  • Chromatustigmata

    I’d just like to point out the fact that at the end of Awakening, if Severa, Owain, and Inigo are NOT married, they ALL set off on their own journies. They no longer stay in Ylisse/Altea. So, it is quite possible that their journies all led to the same place and they all ended up working for Nohr. Maybe they’ll have support conversations together that hint at them knowing each other.

    Or it’s just a way to get the newer players to buy the Nohr side, because newcomers to a franchise tend to gravitate towards game where they see familiarity. Either way, I’m a little miffed that they’re doing this, but I doubt it’ll affect the gameplay or story that much.

    Also, why is everyone comparing Pieri to Noire. In her screenshot, she seems to be quite a cheerful person. It might be that on the battlefield, she becomes downright murderous. Not insane, note the wording. It’s “violent.” Which means that she could be the type that snaps into a “drill sergeant” sort of person on the field, and downright obliterates enemies.

    Just my two cents on the matter.

    • Binku Muja

      Hopefully I’m remembering this correctly, but in one of the earlier interviews it was said that If is in another setting entirely/not the same world as Awakening. If we are talking coincidence it may just be an AU, but it isn’t the same world. I’ll see if I can find the link again and post back. May take a while as my laptop is getting its hard drive replaced, so I will try to find it manually.

      • Eeyore Top

        Different worlds are moot point since the Outrealm Gates exists. In fact I’m almost certain these three are just the beta timeline kids who went adventuring through the Gate after Awakening.

        • Chaincat

          What if they’re the kids from the main timeline and because they knew what the names of their kids was going to be from Lucina’s timeline they decided to name them something else?

  • Sentinel

    I don’t mind the look-alike characters so long as they’re enjoyable to use. The roster is going to be huge regardless anyway.

  • The DanMan

    Come on. At least Pieri’s a unique character. Why are people trying to peg her as something else?
    I’m definitely miffed at the 3 clones we’ve got; looks like 3 Uriah gambits, now.

  • Adrien Brown

    lol i get the whole argument of “Their not original,” and blah blah but can someone explain to me how this is lazy character designing… honestly we don’t know the reasons for why they were put in the game… it could’ve been just to pay homage to the top ranked kids from Awakening. How does that make you lazy? Like everyone is complaining over 3 characters and we have yet to see how they even play out in regards to the plot…

  • So out of all of this there’s only one thing I care about….Odin has a pretty good bod for a Dark Mage and he wears an open-chest shirt. At this point I hope his official art has him wearing those spandex legging things for dem leg muscles.