Fire Emblem Cipher Festival 2016

In June of last year, the Fire Emblem Cipher trading card game launched in Japan, alongside Fire Emblem Fates.


To celebrate the success of Fire Emblem Cipher, Intelligent Systems is holding a special event dubbed “Fire Emblem Cipher Festival 2016” on 31st January and 6th February 2016.

At the event, Fire Emblem fans can play the Cipher card game, enjoy the various exhibitions and inevitably dry out their wallet from buying all the exclusive Fire Emblem merchandise.

The event details can be found below:

Cipher Festival 2016 West

Venue ACT O’s North 4F Event Hall
Dates Sunday 31st January
Time/Location 9:00 to 17:00 / Osaka
Address 559-0034 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka, Suminoe Ward, Nankokita 2-1-10
Notes Japan final qualifiers should register from 8:45 to 9:00

Cipher Festival 2016 East

Venue Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Taito Hall 6F
Dates Saturday 6th February
Time/Location 9:00 to 17:00 / Tokyo
Address 111-0033 Tokyo, Taito, Hanakawado 2-6-5

Visitors to Cipher Festival 2016 and the other January Cipher gatherings can receive a lovely set of promotional cards featuring Azura from Fire Emblem Fates in her black and white attires (illustrated by Yusuke Kozaki).


In addition, the following activities will be available at Cipher Festival 2016:

Cipher Main Stage This is where on-stage events occur.
Illustrator Signings Autograph sessions with illustrators who provided artwork for Fire Emblem Cipher.
HSoH Area Enjoy playing Hundred Song of Heroes, featuring Fire Emblem characters.
Japan Finals Twelve valiant heroes from the national qualifiers will battle to be crowned Cipher champion.
Free Play Area Battle leisurely with your own decks.
Female-only Area For female players who prefer to play with other females only.
Quest Battle Area Compete in challenges with different conditions.
Cipher Demo Area Staff are available to explain how to play Cipher; even those with no Cipher experience are welcome.
Exhibition Area Admire large displays of Cipher illustrations.
Sales Area Purchase from a variety of merchandise.
Photo-shoot Area Take commemorative photos of yourself as a Fire Emblem hero.

Please remind me again why I don’t live in Japan…

Finally, here’s a list of the merchandise for sale; some of these are repeats from Comiket 89 (however bear in mind that they sold out fast).


Like Comiket 89, all orders come with a Camilla promotional card while supplies last.

Fire Emblem Cipher Goods

Armour Knight Crackers — 1000 Yen


Fire Emblem Cipher Artworks — 2000 Yen each


Note: Book III is new to Cipher Festival 2016. For reference, Books I and II contain 40 pages, 32 of which are full artworks.

Fire Emblem Cipher Sleeve Collection — 700 each


Available in Character (female), Character (male), Pixel (blue) and Pixel (white) versions. Each pack contains 65 sleeves.

Note: These are the same sleeves included within the Players Boxes from Comiket 89.

Play Mat — 3500 Yen each


Available in Pixel Heroes and Big Sisters versions.

Pin Badge Sets — 1500 Yen each


Awakening/Fates Pin Badges — 500 Yen each


Fire Emblem 25th Anniversary Goods

25th Anniversary of Love and Courage – Fire Emblem Festival DVD — 5800 Yen


Note: This will be sold from retailers from 24th February 2016.

Hundred Song of Heroes — 8400 Yen


Note: This is currently sold from retailers.

Hundred Song of Heroes Append Disk (Voiced by Takehito Koyasu) — 1500 Yen


Forum-goers may be pleased to know that Kyokko and luyairis will be offering buying services from Cipher Festival 2016 on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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  • Shinkai Shoujo

    Do you know if there’s an easy way for someone not in japan to obtain these items? Besides buying them off eBay

    • Ayanami

      Play-Asia. ^_^

  • Robert

    The card game really needs an official English release, someone petition NoA.