Fates: New Japanese Content Arrives

After many quiet months, Nintendo of Japan suddenly announced a new wave of DLC for the Japanese version of Fates during March’s Nintendo Direct.


Today, the first batch of new maps is now available for purchase from the Dragon’s Gate and fans have already started to dig around for juicy new information.

First up is the six-parter Recollection of Bubbles, which tells the tale of the childrens’ survival in a world without their parents. Currently, the first three parts are available and you can find more information here and an on-going translation here.

Secondly, we have Hoshidan Festival of Bonds, a light-hearted map featuring unique parent-child conversations and new cutscene illustrations. More specifically, there are illustrations for the top 4 children and 2 “staff picks”.


Besides DLC, today marks the launch of a brand new Nintendo pre-paid points card with unbelievably adorable artwork of Elise and Sakura by Yusuke Kozaki.

This card costs 2000 Yen and grants 2000 Yen’s worth of eShop credit, which is conveniently just enough to purchase all of the DLC. As usual, you’ll find it for sale at specialist Japanese retailers.


Additionally, from 23rd March 2016, Japanese 3DS owners can look forward to two new 3DS home themes featuring the top 4 male and female characters from Fates as voted in the official popularity poll.

Of note, this is the first time we see Oboro’s official artwork, plus our second look at Jakob after his appearance on the official soundtrack.


Finally, something anyone can enjoy even if they’re not from Japan or don’t own a Japanese 3DS. To commemorate March’s Fates revival, Nintendo of Japan has released a mail-exclusive wallpaper based on Fates’s cover art.

Grab it while it’s hot because it’ll only be around until 31st March 2016. (Of course, it’ll be unofficially mirrored on Serenes Forest or elsewhere afterwards.)

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  • Kujja

    92444 Minutes to fates release in Europe so i am waiting but it is always nice to know more content is coming

  • Corrin Vallite

    no point blank scroll as reward?

  • Andres Marquez

    I wonder why they left the children’s default hair colors, now we won’t know whose parents are except for the fathers!

  • Hmmm. I have a few more bucks to spend on dlc. Which one which one… Grrr… I really want to get Nohr, but I know that as SOON as i buy the route, it’ll go 50% off or something… *sighs*

  • DimensionDrifter

    wonder if anyone will mention that there are FE:Fates badges in the badge arcade for a limited time.