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Cipher S10 Weekly Recap: Daily Reveals, Release Stickers, & New Frontier Column S11 Artwork!

Another week has brought us another five days worth of daily Fire Emblem Cipher reveals from @FEcipher! This week’s reveals feature many R+ cards, such as this lovely joined-art of Shigure and Azura from Fates. These cards have different art than their regular Rs, which we haven’t yet seen.

Additional R+ reveals include an alternate art for Mareeta from Thracia 776, which you can see her along with her regular art R. The final R+ is a signed card for Bruno from Fire Emblem Heroes, shown here along with his Cost 1 N card.

Aside from R+ cards, our second Thracia SR this set makes an appearance, Finn! The final reveal of the week is an HN card for Soleil from Fates.

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Cipher Summer Livestream 2017: New S10 Cards, The Sacred Stones Artwork, & S12 Announcement!

On 19 August, the Fire Emblem Cipher team hosted another successful livestream via NicoNico! Ryota Kawade and Young were our hosts as usual. Hibiku Yamamura, the voice actress for Rinea and Shade from Fire Emblem Echoes, also joined in as a special guest.

The stream opened up with some discussion about the upcoming release of Series 10, Crossroads, which features characters from Thracia 776, Fates, and Fire Emblem Heroes. The set will release on 21st September and the Cipher team started sharing daily card reveals just earlier this week.

Retailers in Japan will be giving out promotional Cipher gifts as part of a release campaign for S10. The items this time around are sticker sheets featuring various Cipher art! They come in two sets of three sheets which you can see here.

The stickers include artwork from throughout the whole lifespan of the game, as far back as S1’s Chrom and Marth, up to and including art from S10. If you look closely, you can even spot currently-unrevealed artwork for Finn and Anna!

Based on previous release promos, AmiAmi will likely be included in the list of approved vendors. Good news for us international Cipher fans!

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Cipher S10 Weekly Recap: First Daily Reveals + Summer Livestream Reminder!

Welcome to the start of another series of Fire Emblem Cipher weekly recaps! Series 10 of the Cipher TCG releases in just a little over a month. As such, the official @FEcipher twitter account has begun its daily reveals for the set.

Following the usual patterns, the first few cards show off the set’s main characters. Leif, the Lord of Thracia 776, started off the reveals this Monday. Shortly after came cards for both Male and Female versions of Kana from Fire Emblem Fates. The Fates portion of this set is based on the “Heirs of Fates” story, so most cards will be of children characters.

Next comes cost 1 cards for all three main characters of Fire Emblem Heroes! Both Sharena and Alfonse have the same card effects as their preview promos, but the art is new. Anna is a brand new card and the first time that any “Anna” has received an unpromoted card, making her eligible as an MC.

Earlier today, we almost got to see an SR card for Leif… but it seems Hans had other plans! Hans doesn’t appear in “Heirs of Fates”, but he’s still an important NPC that hasn’t yet gotten a card. Similarly, Izana will also appear in this set, as we saw his artwork in an earlier livestream.

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Cipher: Frontier Column Reveals First S10 Cards & Eirika Art + Summer Tour Colouring Sheets!

Are you excited for some Fire Emblem Cipher Series 10 news? Cipher has broken their usual trend and released the first S10 cards in a new Frontier Column! Orsin and Tanya are our first two characters from Thracia 776. Joining them are two cardc from Fire Emblem Fates featuring Selkie and Velouria.

We also got our first look at Eirika from The Sacred Stones as she’ll appear in the upcoming S11! Although the artist is unconfirmed, it looks very much like Sachiko Wada’s style.

Other highlights from the column include photos from the recently-ended Go! Go! Summer Tour events around Japan. Many of the Cipher artists drew fun Fire Emblem sketches and the Cavalier Duo also performed some music for the attendees. Please visit the link above if you’d like to see the photos for yourself!

You might also spot some of the Fire Emblem colouring sheets as coloured by event attendees. Thanks to forum visitor Aquantis we now have high quality versions of these images that you can colour in yourself! Download the images below and print them out to enjoy your own Fire Emblem colouring session.

Finally, at the very end of the column, two mysterious silhouettes appear and talk amongst themselves. Perhaps we’ll be getting more mascots soon?

Now that attention has shifted over to S10, it is very likely that we will begin seeing daily card reveals starting next week. The Summer Livestream event is also coming up very soon. Stay tuned for a lot more exciting Fire Emblem Cipher news to come over the next few weeks!