4Gamer interviews the Fire Emblem team

Ahead of its competition, 4Gamer has scooped an interview with the Fire Emblem development team at Intelligent Systems and managed to uncover some fresh new details regarding the latest game, Fire Emblem if.


Some key details:

  • The Nohr campaign features diverse victory conditions, such as seizing a location, breaking through enemy lines, defending your base and maps with turn restrictions.
  • Up to Chapter 5, the game is exactly the same, but the rest of the game–5/6ths of the game–follows a completely different story depending on your campaign choice.
  • The concept of choice was heavily inspired by the player’s choice between Arran and Samson in the first game, Dark Dragon and Sword of Light.
  • Players who purchase the download version can play up to Chapter 5, but then must download the Hoshido or Nohr campaign to continue–the first campaign can be downloaded for free.
  • The third campaign (DLC) is roughly halfway between Hoshido and Nohr in difficulty. You can also adjust the difficulty partway through the game.

For a full report of the the Fire Emblem if section of the interview, please click here. You can also find various discussions on the forums!

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