Fire Emblem if has Amiibo support + HQ Boxarts

When we weren’t looking, Nintendo of Japan sneakily updated the Fire Emblem if boxarts to add two things.

hoshido-w-amiibo nohr-w-amiibo
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As is becoming the trend with new first-party titles, Fire Emblem if will support Amiibos (Nintendo’s NFC figures), as indicated by the Amiibo logo in the most top-right corner.

At this early stage, it’s not clear what exactly the Amiibo functionality will be, but hopefully the Fire Emblem Amiibos–Marth, Ike, Robin and Lucina–will add something interesting to the game.

For reference, the game already features DLC characters, unlocked with download codes from special Fire Emblem Cipher TCG packs. So it’s not a stretch that additional DLC characters could be unlocked with Amiibos.

The other thing is that the game sports a CERO C (15+) rating, which is the highest in the series so far. Most games in the series have an A (Everyone) rating; a handful have a B (12+) rating, such as the previous game, Awakening.

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