Fire Emblem Fates In the Wild…

As is often the case, some fans have managed to acquire Fire Emblem Fates a few days ahead of its 25th June release.


If you’re not concerned about spoilers, you can follow our findings and discussions in our (rather hectic) hype thread.

At the time of writing, hamayama is currently streaming the Hoshido campaign on Twitch.

The biggest news, however, is definitely related to the support relationships; continue reading to find out what…

According to multiple fans, it is possible for the Avatar to attain an S Rank relationship with your Nohr and Hoshido siblings.

Right now, it’s unclear what occurs upon reach an S Rank–whether the two characters get married or simply forge an extremely strong relationship.

(This also poses the question of whether the Avatar actually is biologically related to the Hoshidan siblings–something some fans doubted from the onset.)

Furthermore, characters of the same gender (with the exception of the Avatar) can reach an A+ Rank relationship instead of an S Rank.

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