Fates DLC Week 2: Goodbye Funds and Weapons Woes

This week, two more Fire Emblem Fates DLC maps are available for purchase (or playing if you purchased the 7-map bundle beforehand).


In Duelist Museum, players can acquire a variety of common to rare weapons and items, which should be handy considering weapons have unlimited uses now and the rarer ones are typically limited in number.

Meanwhile, Treasure of the Ruins allows players a limited number of turns to loot as much Gold as possible from enemies.

Grinding for gold may sound superfluous, but it can be incredibly helpful–I returned to Awakening’s similar The Golden Gaffe more times than I’d like to admit.

(A word of caution for importers: You will need to download yesterday’s 1.1 update to use the game’s Internet functions, including the ability to access the new DLC maps.)

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