Genei Ibun Roku #FE Overview Trailer

Following the reveal of Yashiro Tsurugi as the 7th Mirage Master, Nintendo unveiled a lengthy 5 minute overview trailer for Genei Ibun Roku #FE.


As per standard, the trailer briefly covers the main concepts of the game, to give the audience a broad taste of what to expect when the game launches on 26th December 2015 (in Japan).

To start with, the trailer discusses the story, before moving onto the dungeons, battles, character enhancement and sidestories and finishing with the obligatory montage of thrilling scenes.

From that description (and the links provided), you can probably tell that the trailer doesn’t include a lot of new information to digest. That said, there are some notable highlights.


At the very beginning, we’re greeted with developer Atlus’s logo, which then transforms into something new and yet vaguely familiar.

Many of you will probably remember the very first trailer announcing the game as “Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem”.

However, since then, the game has evolved into something different and it’s interesting to see how Nintendo and Atlus have been cleverly trying to re-advertise the game.

Indeed, Genei Ibun #FE is shaping up to be an “RPG developed by Atlus influenced by Fire Emblem”, rather than the original (and massively misleading) “Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem”.

girfe-overview010 girfe-overview011

Another curious change that has been causing a lot of discussions as of late.

When performing her “Reincarnation” solo, Kira’s… exposed thongs have been covered up when compared to earlier footage (shown on the right).

Whilst this change has zero impact on the gameplay, it’s pretty amusing to see Nintendo worrying over costumes being too “sexy” in Japan, never mind in America or Europe.

girfe-overview014 girfe-overview015

Around the halfway mark, there’s a basic explanation of the game’s battle system.

One thing we kind of glossed over in the past was the Special Gauge sitting conspicuously in the top-right corner.

From the looks of things, the Special Gauge gradually fills up as the characters battle with enemies, up to a maximum capacity of 3 SP.

SP from this shared gauge is then expended when triggering powerful Mirage Arts, such as Toma’s Violent Throttle.

Since SP takes time to build up, players are obviously encouraged to conserve Mirage Arts for when they need it most, such as against tricky enemies or bosses.


Afterwards, we see glimpses of the characters leveling up and acquiring new skills.

Below is a list of all the skills on display.

Itsuki’s Skills

  • Command Skills: Zio +1, Slash +1, Horseslayer, Heat Wave, Diarama, Rakukaja
  • Session Skills: Lance-linked Flash +1, Flame-linked Flash, Wind-linked Thunder +1, Axe-linked Thunder
  • Passive Skills: Strength Enhance, Skill Enhance, Magic Enhance, Hit Maker
  • Extra Skills: Vacuum Wave, Model Pose, Back Chorus


Toma’s Skills

  • Command Skills: Skewer +1, Heavy Flame Strike, Poison Skewer, Horseslayer, Leg Slice +1, Tarukaja +1
  • Session Skills: Sword-linked Flame Strike, Sword-linked Assault, Thunder-linked Flame Strike +1
  • Passive Skills: Strength Enhance, Hit Maker, Speed Enhance, Skill Enhance
  • Extra Skills: Violent Throttle, Great Bull Burst


Tsubasa’s Skills

  • Command Skills: Media, Skewer +1, Tarukaja, Mahazan, Posumundi, Sukukaja
  • Session Skills: Thunder-linked Assault +1, Sword-linked Assault, Flame-linked Assault +1, Thunder-linked Wind +1, Sword-linked Wind +1, Flame-linked Wind
  • Passive Skills: Hit Maker, Poison Resistance, Speed Enhance, Resistance Enhance, Sleep Resistance
  • Extra Skills: Aerial Dance, Debut Smile


Eleanora’s Skills

  • Command Skills: Weak Shot +1, Lightning Strike, Flame Strike, Tarunda, Heavy Thunder Strike
  • Session Skills: Lance-linked Snipe, Sword-linked Thunder Strike +1, Thunder-linked Snipe, Thunder-linked Thunder Strike
  • Passive Skills: Hit Maker, Charm Resistance, Skill Enhance
  • Extra Skills: It’s Late

For the uninitiated, Command Skills are “normal” skills that cost EP to use, while Extra Skills seem to include the powerful Mirage Skills mentioned above and Passive Skills are pretty self-explanatory.

Session Skills are a bit more complex–these trigger when a character exploits an enemy weakness and can be chained by standby battle members if the affinities connect.

An example shown is Tsubasa’s Zan (Wind) being followed by Mamori’s Wind-linked Double Slice +1 (Axe) and finally Itsuki’s Axe-linked Thunder (Thunder).

(There are also Radiant Skills, although the screen doesn’t stretch far enough down to see them.)


Around the 3 minute mark, Mamori and Tiki team up for a “Love For You” Ice-type Dual Art.

Two things to note: Dual Arts can seemingly include characters not in the active party and, secondly, is Tiki a battle member or supporting member?

Related to the above, Tiki, Barry and Maiko have all appeared in the status screens before, but there’s been no indication that they are battle members or if they possess Mirages.

At this stage, I’m tempted to believe the three are supporting members, although it would of course be fun to see Tiki and company do battle on the stage.

girfe-overview007 girfe-overview008

From 3:30, Itsuki digs out his mobile phone and we’re reminded of the game’s smart use of the Wii U Game Pad.

As highlighted during the E3 Treehouse live, the Game Pad is used to read text messages from the game’s characters, like a faux smartphone.

Which is very fitting given the game’s modern setting and emphasis on modern Japanese trends, such as showbiz, idols and vocal synthesis software.

girfe-overview002 girfe-overview013

At 4:22, we catch Tsubasa at the costume shop. By default, she’s wearing the Pegasus Form, but she can also purchase costumes based on temporary costumes worn during special attacks.

From left to right and going down: Shiny Feel, Seaside Affair, Sneeze-Before, Sneeze-After (I’m not 100% sure about the translations for these), Amrita One-Piece, Windy Feather, Cocktail Dream, Twinkle Charm.

From the descriptions, it seems these costumes are just for aesthetic purposes and offer no advantages in battle.

Oh, by the way,Tsubasa’s wielding a Gungnir, which looks totally out of place when she’s in a bikini…

girfe-overview003 girfe-overview004

From 4:28, don’t blink and you can admire the gorgeous menu screen and map of Tokyo.

Of note, if you stare at the menu screen, you’ll notice there’s only space along the bottom for 7 battle members, which aligns with the currently announced 7 Mirage Masters.

In addition, there’s just enough space between Tsubasa and Eleanora at the very top to accommodate Yashiro Tsurugi, should he choose to lie on the grass with the rest of the gang.


Lastly, don’t blink yet again and you’ll spot the infamous Fire Emblem Arena from 4:30.

As covered in this week’s Famitsu, players can battle in the Arena for the chance of rare items, but with the risk of a Game Over if they lose.

Unlike in Fire Emblem, the Arena here features different tiers: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert and “Daily” (limited to once a day).

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