Genei Ibun Roku #FE: Disappearances and DLC

Next week, Genei Ibun Roku #FE launches in Japan and we’ll finally find out if it was worth the wait and effort. Before that though, Famitsu is here to give us another sneak peak at the game.


Previously, we learned that fan-favourites Abel from Shadow Dragon and Lon’qu from Awakening will appear as Mirages… on the enemy side that is.

This matched with a tease in an earlier Famitsu interview where the developers refused to deny Abel’s absence in the game. Plus we’ve already seen Awakening villains as enemies.

Anyway, this week’s Famitsu begins with an event that started everything: the “Theatre Opening Disappearing Case“, an unresolved tragedy that occurred 5 years ago.


During the climax of a play to celebrate the opening of a new theatre, everybody–the actors, theatre staff and even the entire audience–suddenly vanished into a black mist. All except heroine Tsubasa that is.

Among the missing were Ayaha Oribe (Tsubasa’s older sister), Yashiro Tsurugi (the recently revealed 7th Mirage Master) and Chikaomi Tsurugi (Yashiro’s father; an extremely talented actor).


The strange occurrences don’t end here; one urban legend tells of “another cashier” managing the closed shop counter at the Jack Frost convenience store. Shudder.

Apparently this phantom cashier–who’s totally not Anna wearing a silly mask–can only be seen by Mirage Masters; she sells special items at the shop and appears in dungeons asking for materials.

This place is literally known as "420m high up".

This place is known as “Altitude 428m”. Don’t look down!

Moving on, we have a few new details about the ominous Idolasphere and its otherworldly inhabitants.

The Idolasphere itself is the setting of the game’s dungeons; players can expect to explore “altered” Tokyo locations that the Idolasphere has invaded plus those from the Fire Emblem-like world.

A map of Fantasy Shibuya.

A map of Fantasy Shibuya.

While navigating dungeons, the Wii U Game Pad will display a map of the dungeon. According to 4Gamer, the map will automatically fill as you explore the dungeon; how convenient!

Just like Chrom and the other Mirages, Tiki–the popular singaloid and caretaker of the Bloom Palace has lost her memory too. Slowly, by talking to Itsuki, Tiki starts to recover her memory…

Palla is using Flame-Linked Elwind.

Palla is using Flame-Linked Elwind.

Famitsu also points out how Palla, one of the Whitewing sisters from Shadow Dragon, is fought as an enemy. Additionally enemies that could be Catria and Est can be seen in the same (boss?) battle.

Finally we have some additional details on the extravagant downloadable content planned for the game. As we learned in September, the Fortissimo Edition includes three costume sets.


Tokyo Millennium Collection

Previously known as the “Fashion Girl Set”, this set features costumes with a cosplay theme, as devised by Maiko (Maid Eleanora, Santa Tsubasa, Nurse Kiria).


Let’s go to the Hot Springs! Fortuna Girls/Boys

These two sets includes swimwear costumes for the female and male members of Fortuna Entertainment respectively.

In addition to the swimsuits, there’s a TV in the office for you to watch a hot springs TV show featuring the Fortuna Entertainment stars in all of their swimsuit glory.

Those who buy the Fortissimo Edition Wii U bundle will also receive a set of 3 “Mirage Hunter” support quests crafted by Tiki: “Experience Tale”, “Proficiency Tale” and “Wild Festival”.


In “Proficiency Tale”, you can earn items that improve the proficiency of weapons, enabling the Mirage Masters to learn skills quicker. Meanwhile, “Wild Festival” boasts a large number of rare enemies that drop stat-enhancing items.

While these quests scream “pay-2-win”, you may have to be careful still. Before beginning “Proficiency Tale”, the game warns that you can’t save during the quest. Also, the enemies in “Wild Festival” sound tough…

By the way, all of the aforementioned DLC will be available as paid DLC at a later date, so don’t fret if you’re only buying the standard edition etc.

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