Cipher: Series 5 Pre-Orders & Promos

We’re getting closer to the release date for Cipher Series 5 and a few more details and images about the set have been revealed through the official Cipher website and Japanese online retailer AmiAmi.

Like the last few releases, Series 5 booster boxes include some promotional items such as a preview promo card for Series 6 and a pack of 5 card sleeves.

The promo cards have not been revealed yet, but the sleeves feature designs based on the box art of the games featured: Binding Blade and Radiant Dawn. Both the promo card and sleeves are inserted at random, from two possibilities.


Since Series 5 will also be released during the one year anniversary of Cipher, the booster boxes will also contain an additional promotional card in celebration.

These cards will be holographic, alternate-art remakes of 2 different promo cards from Series 1, one featuring Marth that was originally available in V Jump magazine, and another featuring Chrom that was distributed at Cipher demonstration events in Japan.


Four sleeves designs will also be released alongside Series 5 showcasing the art of some of the featured characters from the set. These sleeve comes packaged in sets of 65 and  feature artwork of Roy, Lilina, Micaiah, and Soren.

The Roy and Micaiah artworks have been shown commonly in other promotional material, and we know Roy is from the ST Deck, but the Lilina and Soren art is new and will presumably be featured on cards yet to be shown.


Cipher Series 5 booster boxes, ST decks, and sleeve packs can all be pre-ordered now in the Cipher category on AmiAmi. The set is scheduled to release on June 23rd. For more information about what you can expect in Series 5, check out my Series 5 Introduction post, or stop by the Cipher section of the forums.

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor