Fates: European Website Details

Among all the big news this week, Nintendo of Europe launched the full website for the European version of Fire Emblem Fates. Although the website is mostly the same as its American counterpart, there is some noteworthy information.


Like in Japan, only one version of Fates will be offered from the eShop. In this version, players will be prompted to download the rest of Birthright or Conquest after reaching Chapter 5. The path that isn’t chosen can be downloaded as DLC like normal.

Related to the above, the downloadable content schedule reveals the prices of Birthright, Conquest and Revelation when purchased as DLC for one of the other game versions. Plus the prices and pacing of the first eleven DLC maps (and gift from Anna).

As with the North American release, fans can buy a “Map Pack 1” season pass for the first eleven maps (and the free gift) for a discounted price. Interestingly, the European version also includes a 10,000 G gift to spend in-game.

Finally, although it’s not currently listed on the website, Map Pack 2, which contains six new DLC maps (and another free gift from Anna), will be arriving in late July. These maps, collectively known as the “Heirs of Fate”, are currently being released in North America.

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