Cipher S5 Weekly Recap: More SRs & New Artwork!

Another week of daily reveals from the official @fecipher twitter account has shown off a good number of new cards and characters that we can look forward to in Series 5. This week’s highlights are two SR cards, one featuring Geoffrey from Radiant Dawn, and the other starring Narcian from Binding Blade.

geoffrey narcian

Other reveals from this week include Cecilia from Binding Blade as an HN card, unpromoted N Meg from Radiant Dawn, and both an N and an HN card for RD’s Bastian.

cecelia meg bastian

A recent Cipher event in Hokkaido also showed off some large prints of artwork from Series 5. Although most of the art shown was for cards that have already been revealed, 2 new characters were seen for the first time: Binding Blade‘s Fa and Kurthnaga from RD.

fa-art kurthnaga-art

A few Japanese twitter accounts have also revealed some artwork from various Series 5 cards. Like the art shown off in Hokkaido, much of the art shown was for known cards, but one of the most interesting showcases was a shot of the Radiant Dawn version of Ike.


Text-less artwork of some other characters from both Binding Blade and Radiant Dawn can be found on the @5cardsakako and @cardland_kamada twitter accounts.

Cipher Series 5 will release later this month on June 23rd. We’ll continue sharing new cards and artwork as they’re released in the meantime. For more information about Cipher, including links and information on where to purchase cards outside of Japan, please check out my Newcomer’s Guide to FE Cipher.

Want to discuss these cards or speculate about what else we’ll be seeing revealed in Series 5? Feel free to visit us at the FE Cipher Subforum on the Serenes Forest forums.

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