Echoes: Japanese Site Details Series 2 and 3 DLC

Today, the Japanese official website for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia updated with new information about the tentative Series 2 and 3 DLC.

As it happens, Series 2–dubbed “Heroes’ Challenge”–is available to purchase now. Whereas Series 1 was geared towards early-game, the maps in this series will benefit those who’ve reached mid-game or beyond.

Additionally, all players can download the 3rd piece of free DLC–“Goddess’s Gift 3”, which grants a rare Taurus shard and 5 shiny Golden Marks.

Series 3 will arrive a bit later, starting from 24th May 2017. This series is divided into the “Sealed Altar”, which contains 10 new ultimate classes, and the “Prelude of the Deliverance”, four story maps that occur before Alm’s journey starts.

Everything we currently know can be found in our DLC section. Or if you’d like, keep reading for the full lowdown!

Series 2: Heroes’ Challenge (available now)

Sometimes even heroes need a helping hand…

Bundle Price: 1,000 Yen

Temple of the Stars – Inner Sanctum

Difficulty: 3 stars
Price: 500 Yen
Rewards: Items (unlimited), Star Shards (random drops), Starsphere (requires all Star Shards and a Black Pearl; unlimited)

This is the long-awaited sequel to “Temple of the Stars”. Like before, you can acquire Star Shards and other items by smashing pots dotted around the dungeon.

If you’re lucky enough to obtain all 12 Star Shards (and have a Black Pearl handy), you can create a Starsphere, which boosts all growth rates by 30% (Res by 5%).

Golden Dream

Difficulty: 3 stars
Price: 400 Yen
Rewards: Silver Marks, Golden Marks (unlimited)

The direct follow up to “Villains and Treasures”. This time you can obtain Golden Marks, which can be used for high level forges. Golden Marks are pretty hard to find in the main game, so this could be useful.

Funeral of Fury

Difficulty: 3 stars
Price: 400 Yen
Rewards:Experience (unlimited)

The burly cousin of “No Rest for the Dead”. If beating down on regular ol’ Entombed isn’t yielding experience fast enough, you can now go toe to toe with the wonderfully named “Entombed Kings”.

Series 3: Sealed Altar (from 24th May 2017)

Here you’ll find 10 altars that grant powerful new “Over-Classes”, but only to units who have reached Level 20 in their final class.

Bundle Price: 1,500 Yen

Price: 200 Yen each
Rewards: Ability to Class-Change to the corresponding Over-Class

Note: All class names are tentative translations and are highly likely to change in the English version.

Gold Knights who gallop into the “Altar of the Lance Knight” can Class-Change to Geirölul. The name is apparently derived from a valkyrie who charges forth with a spear.

Barons who step forth into the “Altar of the Shielded Giant” can Class-Change to Spartan. No, really.

Falcon Knights who swoop into the “Altar of the Black Crane” can Class-Change to Mach. Possibly “mach” as in “mach speed”.

Priestesses who visit the “Altar of the Shadowy Maiden” can Class-Change to Morgana. Apparently a Celtic name that means “dweller of the sea”. The cape also features a Celtic knot like in Fire Emblem Heroes. Surely no coincidence?

Saints who pray at the “Altar of the Virtuous Enchantress” can Class-Change to Titania. As in queen of the fairies and not the one of Tellius fame.

Dread Fighters who sneak into the “Altar of the Fierce Deity” can Class-Change to Yaksha. In Japanese folklore, Yaksha are said to be mischievous deities.

Bow Knights who trot into the “Altar of the War Elephant” can Class-Change to Elephant. Sadly, they are elephants in name only; they still ride a horse afterwards.

Sages who study at the “Altar of the Scholarly Sage” can Class-Change to Solomon. Apparently means “peace”. Well, you can have your peace after slaying your enemies with magic.

If Celica the Princess enters the “Altar of the Noble Queen” she can Class-Change to Maeve. Apparently means “intoxicating” or perhaps named after the Warrior Queen of Connacht.

Finally, if Alm the Hero enters the “Altar of the Grand Conqueror”, he can Class-Change to Conqueror. Alright, we get it; Alm is supposed to be the inspiration for Walhart of Valm.

Series 3: Prelude of the Deliverance (from 24th May 2017)

These are four story maps that delve into the Deliverance’s past.

Bundle price: 1,500 Yen

Battle of Zofia Port

Difficulty: 2 stars
Price: 500 Yen
Rewards: Memory 11 (Fernand and Clair), Memory 12 (Clive and Mathilda), Fernand’s Lance (one-time; all allies must survive)

Clive and Fernand must assist their allies who are stuck in Zofia Port. A chance to finally use Fernand in battle. Also, it looks like you need to save Slayde’s sorry ass…

Memory 12 seems to show Clive and Mathilda when they’re younger, with posher looking attire.

South Fort Rescue Mission

Difficulty: 2 stars
Price: 500 Yen
Rewards: Lukas x Forsyth support conversation, Lukas x Python support conversation, Python’s Bow (one-time; must rescue all allies)

Lukas, Forsyth and Python need to rescue their allies from the South Fort. Features two new support conversations, although details of how they work are unclear.

Escaping the Underground Ruins

Difficulty: 2 stars
Price: 500 Yen
Rewards: Clair x Mathilda support conversation, Memory 13 (Mathilda and Fernand), Clair’s Lance (one-time)

For some reason, Clair and Mathilda sneak into an ancient ruin in search of a magic-sealing ring. Clearly it doesn’t go well because no such ring appears in the story.

Defence of Zofia Castle

Difficulty: 2 stars
Price: 500 Yen
Rewards: Clive x Forsyth support conversation, Clive x Python support conversation, Clive’s Lance, Lukas’s Shield (one-time; all player units must survive)

In this final map, the tables are turned and you must take control of Clive and the others as they defend Zofia Castle. History tells us they lose, but you can still go down fighting!

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  • Sweet, thanks for the lowdown guys! Any chance you’ll cover Wave 4 when they release the info for it?

  • esco Tanner

    Yeah this is great, but where the heck is the full character artwork for Forsyth and the rest? Come on IS!

    • MetalGear Lamia

      It’ll come it won’t be like Fates

      • esco Tanner

        I hope so…

    • Ember Hermin

      It’s already on the Japanese site.

    • Ember Hermin

      It’s already out on the Japanese website.

  • Jojo Sickel

    I hate this new DLC-exclusive classes. Adding another tier of classes in a game where you can’t wield more than one type of weapon is pointless. The game is already easily beatable with the available classes. These classes are only here to be flashy and get people to spend more cash. If their only purpose is to make upcoming DLC-exclusive maps like apotheosis possible, I swear I’m never spending a dollar in FE DLC ever again.

    • MetalGear Lamia


    • Laggalot

      I wasn’t gonna do that in the first place, because I don’t like the way IS handles DLC at all. Exclusive Classes aren’t even the worst of it.

      • MetalGear Lamia

        And what way is it worst? This is a new concept they handled it perfectly and OPTIONAL not required.

        • Laggalot

          You think locking story and character development behind an extra paywall is fair practice? And though I have no real proof of it, I’m convinced it’s content that was already done by the time the game released. In other words, I believe it’s held-back content, used as a quick cash-grab. That aside, I think it’s much overpriced anyway. Nintendo’s been DLC in various games for some time now, and most of those games offer MUCH more value for the price they ask. Fire Emblem’s DLC content is a comparitively shallow deal.

          • Ember Hermin

            Fire Emblem does DLC right. Even the story-related stuff isn’t plot-essential, it’s just extra; it doesn’t fit into the plot naturally, and would be clunky to implement. It really doesn’t matter if it was done before or after the game itself was because it wouldn’t be in the game by default anyway if DLC wasn’t a thing, it just wouldn’t exist, or if it did, the game itself would cost more. It’s literally optional in every way. You have to pay EXTRA because it’s EXTRA content. Don’t buy a dress and complain that it doesn’t come with makeup.

          • Laggalot

            Oh really, and how do you know? Have you played that DLC already to know that story content wouldn’t fit in the main game? Please enlighten me then, WHY couldn’t they? Because I don’t see it. Remember also that they did it with New Mystery of the Emblem just fine, so what’s the important difference here?

            And as for the pricing, you should understand I’m not principally against paid DLC. But then, compare the DLC here and its value, to DLC in practically every other Nintendo game that has it. I don’t know about you, but to me it’s painfully obvious how much of a gap in value there is here. The price/value ratio is horribly skewed compared to how it is in other Nintendo games.

            DLC has become a goal in and of itself, rather than a means of expanding an already great gaming experience, and I refuse to be some mindless sheep to that. I find it unacceptable, and I want Nintendo and Intelligent Systems to be aware of that.

    • Ember Hermin

      “The game is already beatable with the available classes.” Um, that’s a good thing! It means people don’t have to buy DLC to complete the game!
      Like this is ridiculous.
      “If their only purpose is to make upcoming DLC-exclusive maps like apotheosis possible, I swear I’m never spending a dollar in FE DLC ever again.”
      Intelligent Systems: “Here’s some 100% optional content that you might need to beat other 100% optional content”
      Y’all: “WE’RE BEING ROBBED”
      wait–wait a second… what you said implies you still plan on buying DlC… even though you just said you hated it… like wha…
      Are… are you being put up to this? Is some holding a gun to your head and forcing you to buy this? No wonder you’re complaining about it! I feel so sorry for you!
      “These classes are only here to be flashy and get people to spend more cash.”
      You want me to let you in on a little secret?
      The GAME is only here to get people to spend cash.

  • Noktis Zariah

    Don’t know if I’m gonna be using DLC for this game but the stuff is pretty cool I’ll say that much.

  • MetalGear Lamia

    I love the over-class concept hope this stays moving forward and the new 3rd tier classes for Alm and Celica its so elegant and awesome!

    • Joseph Rogers

      3rd Tiers for Alm and Celica, and 4th Tiers for everyone else. If it weren’t for the fact that Alm and Celica promote alongside the story, I’d totally grind everyone up right at the beginning just for the shits and giggles.

      • Ember Hermin

        It’s also only 3rd tiers for some of the classes like mages, it looks like… (seriously, not all the classes have the same number of tiers! How clunky is that?!)

      • Ember Hermin

        Some of the normal classes only have 2 tiers (without DLC) though. (Geez, that’s really sloppy…)

  • CombatMagi

    might get the training DLC but probably pass on the class DLC its a little frivolous and I can use that money to fail to get the heroes I want in FE:H

    • Ember Hermin

      Why do people actually spend money in Fire Emblem Heroes

      • CombatMagi

        hmmm well to speak for myself its I want my favorite characters mostly, every once in a while I just want to try for some heroes, but with the stacking odds to get a 5 star and you don’t get one it can be a “surely the next one will be 5 star or “X” character”. So it depends on the focus but when there’s a new one I go for the one that interests me the most and usually stop after getting them. If I somehow get 3 out of 4 characters from the focus its bad news because then my collector personality kicks in and its very hard for me not to buy orbs till I get that last person, this happened with Julia when that focus was released, and it cost me more than I like to admit.

  • Familyplayer

    Kinda don’t like how fast this stuff is coming out. It smells of the type of DLC held back from the main game so they could sell for more money. Or maybe I’m being a conspiracy theorist.

    • MetalGear Lamia

      Its a remake so it never was intended to be pushed alot like how FE Switch will be pushed alot this is just to play to hold off till then there was never intentions for the DLC to be extended each pack.

  • Takemikazuchi

    I’m Like Really Hyped Right Now!
    Those Over-Class units look awesome!
    Can’t wait to try them myself!
    And the Deliverance Short Stories looks way awesome as well!

    Good thing i have some saved up money!