Cipher S9 Weekly Recap: New Card Reveals & English Twitter Revival!

The @fecipher twitter account started reveals early this week for Series 9 of Fire Emblem Cipher. This Sunday, they revealed a higher quality version of the beautiful joined art SR cards for Alm and Celica. As the main lords of Fire Emblem Echoes, it was expected that the duo would get some lovely cards in this set.

Other revealed cards for Echoes this week include an ST exclusive card of Valbar and the full line of cards for newcomer Faye. Faye’s R+ card is the first alternate art reveal of the set! As expected, her new cards strongly reference her love for Alm.

Ike was just revealed as our second alternate art card yesterday. As the star of the Tellius games, Ike has earned himself an R and an R+ card based on his appearance in Radiant Dawn as a Hero. Zihark also has an R slot in the green portion of the set.

Lastly, we get a single purple card this week as well. The final reveal is an SR card for Al from Hasha no Tsurugi. Like the Alm and Celica SRs, this card was also shown off during the weekend livestream. However, we now get to see it in higher quality.

The Cipher twitter account also had some other news for us this week. A special marker card featuring artwork of Alm will be available as a prize at S9 launch events in Japan. The marker card will also be available later at Go! Go! Summer Tour!.

There will also be a special clear file promotion with the release of S9. Like the postcard campaign for S8, these clear files will be available as a free gift to buyers of S9 Cipher packs at participating retailers. You get one file for each 8 booster packs purchased. It is unknown yet if they will also be offered through online retailers, such as AmiAmi.

Finally, I’m proud to proud to announce that the @FEcipherENG twitter account is back up and running! Prominent translator bookofholsety has taken over management of the account and is using it to translate official tweets and provide other English Cipher information. Below is a sample of some of the content the twitter provides.

Cipher Series 9 will release next month on June 22nd! Until then, we’ll continue to share Cipher news as it arrives. For further discussion and information about Cipher, feel free to join us in the Cipher subforum of the Serenes Forest forums!

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor