Heroes: Upcoming Maintenance & Michalis Flies Again

To prepare for version 1.5.0 of Fire Emblem Heroes, the game will go offline between 26th June 2016 at 11 pm and 27th June 2016 at 1 am (UTC; times are approximate). No details about the contents of this update or its release date have been provided.

Additionally, while it was known to data-miners, the official Japanese Twitter has revealed that the Michalis Grand Hero Battle will be returning tomorrow. Presumably like other repeats, there will be related quests to earn more copies of Michalis.

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  • Paulo Cesar

    I remembrer three helpers Selena, Minerva and Eliwood, hope this help anyone.

  • O.H. X-1990

    Michalis, another villain that I couldn’t defeat on Lunatic mode the first time. I’ll have my revenge soon enough!

  • O.H. X-1990

    You wanna know what bites? There’s no more Light’s Blessings items! Why the hell can’t we get more Light’s Blessings anymore?! I need those to clear Chapter 9-5 Lunatic Quest, for crying out loud!