Heroes: New Echoes Summoning Focus Features Six New Characters!

Six new heroes are arriving tomorrow in Fire Emblem Heroes! The new Summoning Focus features two banners with characters from Fire Emblem Echoes. One includes Gray, Mathilda, and Delthea from Alm’s army, and the other Leon, Saber, and Sonya from Celica’s army.

The official Nintendo Mobile YouTube channel shared two videos to introduce these new heroes. Check them out below to see them in action!

All six new heroes come with at least one new weapon or skill. See below for a full breakdown of all the new characters’ skills.

A new story chapter will also be released as part of the Summoning Focus! It continues the main storyline of the game with Sharena, Alfonse, and the Summoner chasing after Prince Bruno. A character that looks suspiciously like Clive can also be seen appearing on one of the story maps.

The new Summoning Focus and its maps will be releasing tomorrow, 13 July. No ending date has been provided as of yet, but we can assume the banner will be around for at least a couple of weeks.

Alm’s Army
  • Legendary Knight Mathilda comes with a Ridersbane+ that is effective against other Cavalry units. She also gets a new B skill, Cancel Affinity, that reverses the weapon triangle when at a disadvantage, somewhat similar to the Reaver weapons of the GBA era. Her remaining skills are Rally Resistance and Hone Atk.
  • Wry Comrade Gray wields a Zanbato+ that is also effective against Cavalry, and also has Sword Valor, the sword version of the new Valor skill tree that increases SP gains. He also comes with Swap and Wind Boost.
  • Free Spirit Delthea is a Blue Tome user who wields Dark Aura, a new tome that gives an Atk+6 hone effect to adjacent melee units. Her C skill is Drive Atk, an Attack version from the new Drive line of skills. Her other two skills are Miracle and Death Blow.
Celica’s Army
  • True of Heart Leon wields Slaying Bow+, an upgraded version of the Killer Bow+ that has 3 more Might. His other three skills are Ignis, Speed +3, and Guard.
  • Driven Mercenary Saber also has an upgraded killer weapon, the Slaying Sword+ with 14 Might. His new defensive B skill, Shield Pulse, accelerates his Special timer from the start of combat and boosts the damage reduction from his Special skill, Aegis. He also comes with HP/Spd 2.
  • Vengeful Mage Sonya is a Green Tome user who wields a new tome, Dark Excalibur, which gives +10 damage to her Special attacks. Her new A skill, Mirror Strike, gives her +4 Atk/Res when she initiates combat. She also comes with Moonbow and Res Ploy, the Resistance version of the new Ploy series of skills.
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