Heroes: Beach Gauntlet Brackets + Event Schedule

Following last Friday’s Feh Channel update, we now have the finalised brackets for the Battle at the Beach Voting Gauntlet.

In the first round, the following pairs of swimsuit-clad Heroes will be battling it out:

  • Gaius vs. Frederick
  • Leo vs. Xander
  • Robin vs. Tiki
  • Corrin vs. Elise

This arrangement forces the boys and girls to fight among themselves and ensures the final battle will be between the most popular male and the most popular female. Alright, time to place your bets…

In addition, the Japanese Twitter account has provided an expanded event schedule for August till mid-September, featuring many of the new events previously highlighted by Feh–but also a couple of repeat events.

For the benefit of those who can’t read Japanese, we’ve provided a translated version above. Do note that the schedule does not appear to include every upcoming event, so there could be some surprises still to be revealed.

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  • MetalGear Lamia

    Lol those poor guys not a chance anyway this will likely go to Corrin(F) or Elise (if she can win)

  • Sisyphe

    They could’ve at least tried to mix the matchups between the two banners

  • Shenai

    Oh the irony… I finalled pulled on the Ylissean summer banner, trying for all of them, but especially wanting to get summer Freddy and Tiki. I got Freddy and Gaius. Who are up against each other in the first round…
    Well, gonna stick to my Freddy for the first round then.

  • Zufar Khalis

    i think the only interesting part is the first round.
    since this is about beach theme the winner should be female character since majority of player are male. And the semi-finals willl be won by Fates character because it has more fanbases in terms of fan service,