Echoes: Nintendo Dream Interview from May 2017

Back in May, Nintendo Dream conducted a post-launch interview with the developers of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Thanks to Kirokan, this interview has now been translated into English.

In the interview, the developers reflect on the player feedback received after launch and discuss how certain design choices were made, such as the inclusion of new characters and Alm becoming left-handed.

We were incredibly anxious due to development limitations, as well as wondering whether the newer fans of the series would be accepting of this game. So after seeing the great response the game got, well, it was a relief!

–Toshiyuki Kusakihara

They even briefly mention Fire Emblem Switch and touch on some Fire Emblem Heroes-related trivia.

With the experience and “know-how” gained from Awakening and Fates, we attempted to make [the people] in both this game and the next one on Switch closer to realistic proportions and movements.

–Toshiyuki Kusakihara

Whereas really, the FEH side just wanted another archer unit [with Faye].

–Toshiyuki Kusakihara

You can read the full interview over on Kantopia or our forums.

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  • Familyplayer

    “…the art was drawn by a seasoned artist…” Is this some shade thrown towards the artist from Awakening and Fates. I mean… I don’t disagree, but still that’s surprisingly harsh. Or that may just come across harsher due to translation.

    • キロ

      I don’t think they meant it relative to any of the games, and were just making a general compliment. : ) I can see why it may come off that way though.

    • Vaximillian

      Seasoned means experienced, no? It’s not an insult or something, on the contrary, it’s a praise.

      • Familyplayer

        They were talking about how the game differed from the previous two and how newer fans would see things as “different.” One of the things mentioned as different is that “the art was drawn by a seasoned artist.” I interpreted this almost as a, probably unintentional, indirect insult towards the previous two games’ artist. It was probably just meant as an artist who has some more experience than the previous one, but I just took it a weird way. Then again, it’s probably just because I like Hidari more anyway, so I took it in that way much more than most people probably would have. Out of context my quoting probably does look odd… Oh well, this comment chain kinda explains what I meant.

  • MetalGear Lamia

    Hearing that answer makes me hype for FE Switch more can’t wait for the inevitable teaser! 🙂

  • Holy cow I want that Elise/Sakura poster! Engage Item Retrieval Mission!

  • PikaChan

    I need their Elise+Sakura poster +_+
    But also… if they needed more archers, why couldn’t they put in Python so Faye didn’t have to be changed?

    I wonder what they mean by realistic proportion and movement… animation? I hope not Kozaki Yusuke’s art. His art is just so nice now as the games continue on.

    • Familyplayer

      I think they did mean animation. I remember laughing my butt off sometimes at the Awakening and, to a lesser extent, Fates animations. Not that they were really horrible or anything, but in cutscenes it was hard to keep my mood serious when I was looking at their funny 3D models.

  • Semi Colon Parenthesis

    What do they mean by “realistic proportions and movements”? Don’t get me wrong I’m an open person, but “realistic” fighting, while cool, isn’t as cool as say a FE 7 Swordmaster Crit. As for proportions I’m a little confused about, because the series has always been in the “anime” style.

    • Sentinel

      I think it basically means animations like you see in Echoes. Like, how when Alm suffers minimal damage, he parries the attack very similarly to how an actual swordsman would. Another example could be how you see archers attack, which I found to be a lot more detailed in Echoes.

    • MetalGear Lamia

      Its design of characters and battle animations