Heroes: Choose Your Legends Preview Video & Retweet Event + Narcian GHB Revival!

Fire Emblem Heroes recently released a Choose Your Legends Preview Video to show off off the new special heroes. Check it out below to get your first look at the CYL versions of Lucina, Roy, Lyn, and Ike!

All four units come with at least two new skills, one weapon and one passive. Additionally, both of the first place units, Lyn and Ike, come with five skills instead of the usual four: a weapon, a special, and all three passives. Both also have a special unique B slot skill that cannot be inherited. Check out full skill spreads for all four characters down below!

Additionally, @FE_Heroes_JP has started a new Retweet Event for the CYL campaign! If 5,000 people retweet this tweet by Monday, all players will receive a free gift of 5 Orbs and 5,000 Hero Feathers!

Finally, Narcian’s Grand Hero Battle returns once again! He now comes with an additional Infernal difficulty mode that grants a 4★ version of Narcian and 2,000 Hero Feathers. As before, you can also complete a series of quests for another Narcian, this time at 3★, and some Orbs. Details can be found below.

the four new CYL Brave Heroes will be available in just a couple days on 31 August at 7:00am UTC. Narcian’s GHB and its associated quests will be available for a bit over a week, ending on 7 September at 6:59am UTC.

Choose Your Legend Hero Details
Brave Princess Lucina:
  • Geirskögel (Lance, Mt 16) – Grants Def+3. Grants allies with sword, lance, axe, bow, or dagger within 2 spaces Atk/Spd+3 during combat.
  • Aether (Special) – Resolve combat as if foe suffered Def/Res-50%. Unit recovers HP=half damage dealt.
  • Sturdy Blow 2 (A slot) – Grants Atk/Def+4 during combat if unit initiates combat.
  • Drive Spd 2 (C slot) – Grants allies within 2 spaces Spd+3 during combat.
Brave Lion Roy
  • Blazing Durandal (Sword, Mt 16) – Grants Atk+3. If unit’s Atk > foe’s, unit gains Special cooldown charge +1. (If using other similar skill, only highest value applied.)
  • Galeforce (Special) – If this unit initiates an attack, it can take another action after combat. (Once per turn only.)
  • Steady Blow (A slot) – Grants Spd/Def+4 during combat when unit initiates attack.
  • Desperation 3 (B slot) – If unit initiates combat with HP ≤ 75%, follow-up attacks occur immediately after unit’s attack.
Brave Lady Lyn
  • Mulagir (Bow, Mt 14) – Effective against flying units. Grants Spd+3. If foe is magic user, foe’s bonuses (from skills like Fortify, Rally, etc.) are nullified during combat.
  • Draconic Aura (Special) – Grants +30% to Atk.
  • Swift Sparrow 2 (A slot) – If unit initiates combat, unit granted Atk/Spd+4 during battle.
  • Sacae’s Blessing (B slot) – If foe has sword, lance, or axe, foe cannot counterattack. (Skill cannot be inherited.)
  • Atk Smoke 3 (C slot) – After combat, inflicts Atk-7 on foes within 2 spaces of target through their next actions.
Brave Mercenary Ike
  • Urvan (Axe, Mt 16) – Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1). If unit receives consecutive attacks, damage from second attack onward reduced by 80%.
  • Aether (Special) – Resolve combat as if foe suffered Def/Res-50%. Unit recovers HP=half damage dealt.
  • Steady Breath (A slot) – If attacked, unit granted Def+4 during combat; also gains Special cooldown charge +1. (If using other similar skill, only highest value applied.)
  • Beorc’s Blessing (B slot) – If foe is a flying or cavalry unit, foe’s bonuses (from skills like Fortify, Rally, etc.) are nullified during combat. (Skill cannot be inherited.)
  • Threaten Def 3 (C slot) – Inflicts Def-5 on foes within 2 spaces through their next actions at the start of each turn.

Editor’s Note: Ike’s Beorc Blessing skill, as written in English in-game, is somewhat ambiguous based on its use of the “effective” text. I have rewritten the description above slightly to clarify how the skill actually works in game.

Grand Hero Battles (Narcian) Quests
Quest Description Reward
Defeat Narcian With Anna on your team, win the Grand Hero Battle against Narcian: Wyvern General. 1 Orb
Defeat Narcian With Narcian: Wyvern General on your team, win the Grand Hero Battle against Narcian: Wyvern General on Hard or higher. 1 Orb
Defeat Narcian Use Anna to defeat Narcian: Wyvern General. 3★ Narcian
Defeat Narcian Use Narcian: Wyvern General to defeat a level 35 or higher Narcian: Wyvern General. 1 Orb
About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • Stranger

    Ike and Lyn are stupid broken and I friggin’ love it.

    • kirindas

      Yes! And the free choice means I can freely grab Lyn while avoiding colorless hell. I can focus my orbs on getting Ike~

      • Sisyphe

        That’s exactly my plan too

        • CombatMagi

          You make a good point at least if your going for a character that’s actual color you can get people that has a robust skill set than half of them being unusable because they are healers. I’ll have to consider getting Lyn for free instead of Ike.

          • Sisyphe

            This is exactly my thought actually. There are so few colorless with useful kits or who distinguish themselves on their own merits. At least Donnel is a useful unit and has Reciprocal Aid and Drag Back, so I’ll tolerate a handful of them

        • An Tran

          Is it worse than Donnel hell?

  • dmurr

    Lyn’s outfit is so lackluster compared to the other three. She looks basically the same.

  • Sisyphe

    Looking at that Narcian Infernal battle, it’s pretty clear IS hates horses.

    Also, can someone explain Ike’s A skill to me? Should it be reducing the special counter? 4 defense in combat doesn’t seem worth slowing the special trigger otherwise.

    • kirindas

      His Urvan has a killing edge type effect. So Aether is 4 turns at the start instead of 5. Steady Breath is a defensive version of Heavy Blade on the normal Ike. When Ike takes a hit Special CD goes down by 2, in addition to the +4 Def.
      Ike is so nasty against Reinhardt especially. XD Ike starts battle at 4 turn CD. If Reinhardt initiates an attack, Beorc’s blessing nullifies Hone and/or Fortify Cavalry. Reinhardt attacks once at normal damage, 2nd hit is 20% damage because of Urvan. Since Reinhardt struck twice, Ike’s cooldown for Aether goes from 4 to 0 letting him use it on his first counter attack. XD

      • Sisyphe

        Thank you! I think I was just confused because we typically refer to decreasing the trigger time instead of adding to it. Like Urban is decreasing the cool down count but Steady Breath increases the charge number. It means the same thing, but the language feels odd. I understand the distinction though: reducing cool down at start vs. Increasing charges in battle

        • Kirie

          Yeah, I agree that it’s confusing. I wish they would standardize their translations more. It’s the same kind of issue with the actual writing of Ike’s B Slot skill where it uses the “effective against” in a totally different way from how that phrasing is used in the rest of the game.

          • Sisyphe

            Until I read this article, I actually thought it meant he got a damage bonus against cavalry and flying units, which would’ve been nuts. I agree that’s its odd they haven’t standardized their language. That’s generally fundamental for stuff like this

      • CombatMagi

        Thanks for your explanation before reading it I was thinking of giving my Brave Ike Distant Counter instead but that is definitely a great skill for Ike.

        • kirindas

          Glad it helped~ Ike and Lyn have such an amazing skill set. The only thing they actually need is their assist skill.

          • CombatMagi

            Think infantry march would be a good fit for Ike? I got a few summer Xander when I was trying to get summer Elise

          • kirindas

            Up to you. I haven’t played around with that skill myself since I didn’t get any summer characters, so I don’t know the extent of its effectiveness. I’m going to keep Ike and Lyn with their Base kit personally.

  • O.H. X-1990

    Oh, sure, they didn’t add Lunatic mode, but they did add Infernal mode, of all difficulties! Unless there’s a good strategy on how to beat Infernal mode WITHOUT Skill Inheritance (Skill Inheritance is for cheaters), I wouldn’t bother playing Infernal mode! But it was kind of easy clearing the quests of beating Narcian with my Anna and my own Narcian.

  • mrkisukes

    The Narshen quests were a joke, but damn was Infernal a bitch to deal with. As usual it’s possible with F2P, but it required an extra janky-ass strat to pull off.