Heroes: Threaten Spd Summoning Focus & New Arena Assault Quests!

Another new banner is live in Fire Emblem Heroes! The Heroes with Threaten Spd Summoning Focus contains 5★ versions of Jaffar, Shanna, and Takumi. All three units get the full version of the skill at 5★.

This skill-based banner is lasting longer than previous ones and will end on 20 October at 6:59am UTC. This change may indicate that Heroes is switching to a cleaner schedule for new banners. If so, we could expect to see a new banner every Friday, with new heroes alternating with skill-based or otherwise repeat banners.

Additionally, new Weekly Arena Assault quests begin today! Earn yourself one Orb, 10,000 Universal Crystals, and 1,000 Hero Feathers for winning multiple AA runs in a row. These quests run in tandem with the Daily AA quests and will be available for the next two weeks. A list of the new quests can be found below.

UPDATE: The Arena bugs have been fixed! Reload the app or go to the title screen to download a small update that should fix the error. @FE_Heroes_JP Has said that apology Orbs will be awarded in the future for the error.

Weekly AA: Chain Wins Quests
Quest Description Reward
Arena Assault: 2 in a row Win two consecutive battles in Arena Assault. 1 Orb
Arena Assault: 4 in a row Win four consecutive battles in Arena Assault. 10,000 Universal Crystals
Arena Assault: 6 in a row Win six consecutive battles in Arena Assault. 1,000 Hero Feathers
About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • mrkisukes

    I never seem to have any luck with the important banners like the Crimean or Dancer banners…but with these, always lucky. I pulled a Takumeme…of course I did.

    Also, time for my raven tome Sophia to shine in the arenas…those Brave Lyn don’t stand a chance.

    • Convince the devs to introduce trading and I’ll swap you an Elincia or Oscar for a Takumi. Otherwise, all I can offer is my condolences.

  • Bongo Beans

    Careful how you spend that apology orb mind.

  • Alfred Kamon

    I believe you mean @FE_Heroes_JP, not @FE_Cipher_JP…

    • Kirie

      Hah, thanks for the correction! Late, but I’ve got it fixed now.

  • I could try for close counter but it’s quite apparent I won’t get it. By the time new heroes come I should have around 200 orbs or so, but with my track record not even that might be enough.

  • dmurr

    Funny how unexciting a banner with Takumi is now. He was all the rage when the first Hero Fest came around.

    Close counter isn’t really a great skill. 2-space attack units usually have terrible defenses and it isn’t worth it anyway.

  • O.H. X-1990

    Forget it, I’ll never complete the “Arena Assault: 6 in a row” quest, it’s impossible, even on Beginner mode.