Heroes: Version 1.8 Update + The Blood of the Dragons Voting Gauntlet!

The latest update is now available for Fire Emblem Heroes! The Version 1.8 Update is live and ready for download. If you are not prompted to download the update when you load up the game your device, you can also get it manually via the Play Store or App Store.

The update features a large variety of quality of life updates, and also a new Intermission in the Story Mode: “A Power Awakens“. Once you complete this intermission, you can gain to the new Sacred Forge. The Forge lets you use a combination of Badges and Sacred Stones to create and power-up Sacred Seals!

You can read further details regarding the version 1.8 update below. In celebration of the new update, Heroes has also started another Daily Log-In Bonus as well! Earn up to 13 Orbs over 10 days just by logging in each day.

Additionally, The Blood of the Dragons Voting Gauntlet also begins today! Check out our earlier article for a breakdown of the fighters and their match-ups. You can follow the rounds live on the official site here.

As usual, we also get new quests for each round of the Voting Gauntlet. Most of the quests are the same as in previous gauntlets. However, with the update of the Sacred Forge, some quests now also reward Sacred Coins! Complete up to four battles in each round of the Gauntlet to earn an additional 45 Sacred Coins.

Round 1 of The Blood of the Dragons Voting Gauntlet ends on Wednesday, 11 October at 5:00am UTC. The entire Gauntlet will come to a close on 15 October.

Version 1.8 Update Details
Sacred Forge

The most exciting aspect of the newest update is the Sacred Forge, which finally gives us a use for Sacred Coins. In order to access the Forge, you must first complete Intermission: A Power Awakens, which you can find in the Story Mode menu.

Once you’ve completed the intermission, a new button to access the Forge will appear on the upper right side of the Home screen. Tapping this button will bring you to the Sacred Forge, which is used to create and upgrade new Sacred Seals. Each Seal requires a combination of Badges, Great Badges, and Sacred Coins.

Most interesting are three new Seals: Deflect Melee, Deflect Missile, and Deflect Magic. These seals function similarly to one of the effects on Brave Ike’s weapon, Urvan, reducing the damage taken from consecutive attacks.

Other Enhancements

In addition to the Sacred Forge, this update brings us many other quality of life enhancements for the game:

  • Tap the “Edit Teams” button before starting a map for easier access to changing your team composition before battle.
  • Earn more Badges and Great Badges for competing in the Training Tower. They will be useful for making and upgrading Seals with the new Sacred Forge.
  • Use the new 1-tap access within the Quest & Missions menu to find the right location for a Quest.
  • Have easier Access to Auto-Battle with a new button on the battle screen. The button must be enabled in the Setting menu before it will show up.
  • The “Accept All” button in the Present List and Quests and Missions screen will now show the items you’re accepting.
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