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Heroes: Preview Trailer for New Heroes: Zofia’s Call, BHB Rerun, & Quiz Rewards!

Five new heroes from Valentia will soon be arriving in Fire Emblem Heroes! Check them out below in the Preview Trailer for New Heroes: Zofia’s Call.

The four focus 5★ characters are Forsyth, Python, Silque, and Catria. As you probably expect, this version of Catria is based on her appearance in Fire Emblem Echoes. Additionally, Valbar makes a surprise appearance at the very end, our latest 3★/4★ addition!

You’ll be able to see these new heroes in action in the upcoming Main Story chapter, Lethal Swordsman. This story continues where we left off, as the Order of Heroes desperately fights again Líf. We’ll also be getting a new Log-In Bonus and Forging Bonds at the same time.

Hit the “Read More” button below for a text breakdown of our heroes’ skills. Everything will go live next Monday, 21 October.

Additionally, if you need more Orbs to summon for these new characters, today’s Heroes update can help you out! Bound Hero Battle Revival Bartre & Fir is now live! Complete the maps themselves for Orbs, if you haven’t yet, and the new quests will also give you an additional five Orbs. Check out details in game.

Furthermore, Feh has handed out rewards for her recent Quiz Event! Log into the game to collect your reward of 10 Orbs and 5,000 Hero Feathers. Good job answering quiz questions, everyone!

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Heroes: Male Byleth reveal video, and free Orbs to celebrate Three Houses release!

The official Nintendo Mobile YouTube channel has released a new reveal trailer for Byleth: Tested Professor! You can watch it here:

You can view the Japanese reveal video here.

Byleth’s skills were previously revealed within an in-game notification, but now they are here in video format.

Information on when male Byleth is available was also posted previously, but to recap, he will be a part of the upcoming Mythic banner which begins on the 31st of July, 7:00am UTC, as one of the three red focus Heroes. He is not a Mythic Hero; the upcoming Mythic Hero is still yet to be revealed.

Purchasers of Fire Emblem: Three Houses are able to obtain a free copy of male Byleth for their Fire Emblem Heroes account. There are detailed instructions on exactly how to do this on the official Fire Emblem Heroes website. Link is here. You have until the 29th of June, 2020, so there’s no need to rush.

If you log in to Heroes between today and the 9th of August, 6:59am UTC, you can pick up 5 Orbs for yourself in celebration of Thee Houses’ release.

Heroes: New Power & Weekly Revival 2 Banners + Røkkr Sieges Pre-Registration & Gift!

This morning’s reset brought us two new summoning banners in Fire Emblem Heroes! First up, the New Power banner contains 5★ focus units for Kagero, Saizo, Oscar, and Elincia. Additionally, we also get the Weekly Revival 2 banner, which has 5★ focus units of Celica, Delthea, and Genny.

The New Power banner commemorates the recent Version 3.6 Update which gave new weapons and refines to these heroes. Check out our earlier article for a breakdown of these updates.

On the other hand, the Weekly Revival 2 banner is part of a special series of upcoming banners. These older focus heroes appear a raised 4% rate, making them more likely to pull than other 5★ characters of the same colour.

No matter which banner you choose to pull on, good luck adding some fine heroes to your collection! The Weekly Revival banner lasts a week, as expected, while the New Power banner will be around until 25 June.

Additionally, pre-registration is now open for Røkkr Sieges! Røkkr Sieges are a brand-new event type that will be starting soon. Team up with other summoners to deal lots of damage to massive Røkkr foes!

You can pre-register in the Events screen, just like Grand Conquests. For more information about Røkkr Sieges, check out the in-game board, or you can see the mode in action in the recent Feh Channel. Alternatively, you can dive right in with tomorrow’s reset when the game mode begins.

As a celebration of the new event, Heroes also gave all players a gift of 20 Orbs! You can pick them up from Feh at your convenience.

Heroes: Grand Hero Battle Revival: Linus!

It’s time for another GHB Revival in Fire Emblem Heroes! Build up your strongest team to take down the Mad Dog once again in Grand Hero Battle Revival: Linus.

If you weren’t able to beat all of Linus’s maps back in June, now is the perfect time to try again. Even if you have, you can still earn four Orbs and another 3★ version of Linus by completing the maps under certain conditions. Check out full details in the Quests screen.

Grand Hero Battle Revival: Linus will be around for about a week, ending on 27 December. Best of luck completing the maps and the missions!

Additionally, Heroes has now updated to Version 3.0.1. This is a very minor update introduced solely to fix the Aether Raids Rematch issue. To apologize for the error, the game will also be giving out 5 Orbs to all players with tomorrow’s reset.