Heroes: Tempest Trials: Invisible Ties Banner & Details + New Event Calendar!

Another Tempest Trials is coming soon to Fire Emblem Heroes! Start getting ready for this latest event by summoning on the Tempest Trials: Invisible Ties Banner. You can score yourself a 5★ focus version of some of Awakening‘s heroes: Olivia, Donnel, and Cherche.

As expected, all three of these heroes will be 20% Bonus Allies in the upcoming event. Chrom, Female Morgan, and Male Morgan from The Branded King Summoning Focus will also be 40% Bonus Allies. The remaining units are Gerome at 40% and Female Robin at 20%.

Gerome is, of course, the reward unit for this Tempest Trials! You’ll be able to score a 5★ copy of him at 30,000 points. Presumably, he’ll also have a 4★ at 6,000 points. The preview image also shows off another Fire Blessing at 25,000.

Tempest Trials: Invisible Ties starts this Thursday, 15 March. Like all full-length TT events, it will last about two weeks, ending on 29 March. We’ll also get another Log-In Bonus for the first 10 days of the Trials.

Additionally, we also have another event calendar for Heroes! The calendar starts in mid-March and runs for about a month, giving us a sneak peak at upcoming events. Check it out!

UPDATE: Heroes has uploaded a new version of the event calendar due to “an error”. That error appears to be the Awakening Special Maps which were originally listed to start on the 13th. The maps are likely being delayed to release alongside the upcoming FE Warriors DLC. Both the old (left) and new (right) calendars are displayed below.

Do remember that the dates given in this calendar correspond to Pacific Time where the daily reset falls at 11pm. For the rest of us elsewhere in the world, each event will actually start a day later than shown. Scroll on below for a text breakdown of the calendar’s listings, including a date correction for non-Pacific Time Heroes players.

March & April Event Calendar Breakdown:
Summoning Focuses:
  • Countering Skills: 14 Mar ~ 21 Mar
  • Bound Hero Battle (Chrom & Lissa): 18 Mar ~ 25 Mar
  • Weapons to Refine (Leo, Eirika, and Soren?): 21 Mar ~ 28 Mar
  • Special Heroes Event (Spring Heroes return?): 22 Mar ~ 23 April
  • Heroes with Miracle: 28 Mar ~ 7 April
  • Next Legendary Hero event: 29 Mar ~ 3 Apr
  • 4★ and 5★ Heroes: 3 April ~ 17 April
  • Cooldown Bonuses: 7 Apr ~ 21 Apr
  • Bound Hero Battle (Tiki & Nowi): 10 Apr ~ 17 Apr
  • New Heroes (Thracia 776?): 10 Apr ~ 23 Apr
Special Maps & Events:
  • (Awakening Special Maps: 13 Mar ~ 2 Apr – These maps were listed in the original calendar but were since removed.)
  • Tempest Trials: Invisible Ties: 15 Mar ~ 29 Mar
  • Bound Hero Battle: Chrom & Lissa: 18 Mar ~ 25 Mar
  • Illusory Dungeon: 23 Mar ~ 6 Apr
  • Bound Hero Battle Revival: Ninian & Hawkeye: 25 Mar ~ 1 Apr
  • Bound Hero Battle Revival: Minerva & Maria: 1 Apr ~ 10 Apr
  • Voting Gauntlet:???: 4 Apr ~ 10 Apr
  • Bound Hero Battle: Tiki & Nowi: 10 Apr ~ 17 Apr
New Quests:
  • Weapon Workout Quests: 20 Mar ~ 3 Apr
  • Earth Blessing Quests 27 Mar ~ 10 Apr
  • Quests for Chain Challenge & Squad Assault: 6 Apr ~ 20 Apr
Log-In Bonuses:
  • Tempest Trials Log-In Bonus: 15 Mar ~ 10 Mar
  • Special Heroes Log-In Bonus: 22 Mar ~ 5 Apr
  • Voting Gauntlet Log-In Bonus: 31 Mar ~ 14 Apr
  • New Heroes Celebration Bonus: 11 Apr ~ 24 Apr
About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • speedster

    The Thracia banner is definetely “New Heroes (Thracia 776?): 10 Apr ~ 23 Apr”. There’s usually a two week gap between new hero releases besides legendary heroes. No other new banner in April

  • speedster

    Is it just me or do they want us to spend more orbs than usual?

    • Morgan Rodgers

      Are you tempted to spend a whole bunch on the Donnel/Cherche/Olivia banner?

      • speedster

        no. but countering skills, special heroes, legendary heros banner, cooldown bonuses and thracia all sound pretty enticing

  • Sisyphe

    I guess it’s not a bad bunch of events. Only one new heroes banner (Thracia, I guess) and whatever the new seasonal banner is. A little disappointed there’s not GHB, but I suppose it’s nice that they chose to make the free TT hero a 40% hero.

  • Diovani Estivalet

    Wow! This is the worst banner I ever seen. All units can be obtained as 3 stars unit… you can get both Oilivia and Donnel as 1 Star unit! This is a bad banner. Most of the player use Olivia as a 4 Stars Lv 40+10. The only reason to summon on this banner is to try to make a +10 5 Stars unit.

    Oh well… I am a player who will not spend a orb on this banner. Also, I will keep the 90+ orbs we will get from TT, BHB, Tap Battle, paralogue maps, quests and log-in bonus in the Legendary Banner.

    • Kneekicker

      I can get Cherche’s appearance since she’s Gerome’s mom, but Olivia and Donnel are both questionable choices. If I had to wager a guess, it’s IS telling us to save our orbs in a weird way since there’s 5 other banners running for the duration of the TT.

      I’m actually somewhat grateful the TT banner is so boring, since spreading yourself thin over half a dozen banners is taxing on both your wallet and your sanity.

      • Diovani Estivalet

        The next banner are… something.

        The “Countering Skills” banner is curious. Can be units with Distant/Close Counter, Vantage or Sweep skills.
        There are, also, the weapons with Distant Counter like Lighting Breath, Ragnell, Raijinto, and Stout Tomahawk.
        There are 5 heroes with miracle for the “Heroes with Miracle” banner: Delthea, Lucius, Maria, Mist and Sigurd.
        And we have the “Cooldown Bonuses” banner. It can be weapons with cooldown count -1 (killer and slaying weapons), or cooldown charge skills (Flashing and Heavy Blade, Pulse skills, Steady Breath, Vengeful Fighter and Bold Fighter)

      • Sisyphe

        I usually just snipe. Even if there are heroes I want across multiple banners, or even the same banner, I usually subconsciously order who I want and pull accordingly. Because it’s not like I’m going to pull all of them.

  • Shenai

    Wow, busy busy.

    But that has to be the weirdest banner yet.

  • Zog58

    And my weird streak continues, with my free pull being a +Spd -Def Lute. Has anyone else been getting lucky with the free pulls lately? This is my 4th free five star in TWO MONTHS. Seriously not complaining though.

  • Tom J.

    I mean, I’m all for more merges for my Cherche, but yikes. As much as I enjoy saving feathers, I also enjoy a chance at pulling decent focus units when there are no green orbs.

    On the other hand, at least the 20% units for this TT will be characters everyone already has, and likely they’ll have at least one of them built.

    • I avoid all 3DS characters so I don’t have any of them. It’s probably manageable to do the trials without any bonus units once in a while, I guess.

      • Diovani Estivalet

        You avoid all 3DS characters… because you don’t like them or the 3DS games?
        Every time you summon a 3* or 4* 3DS unit, you send them home?

        • Both. I do keep them though if they have good skills that I can pass down, but it’s also a good source of feathers.

  • Diovani Estivalet

    Can the Voting Gauntlet be “2017 Spring Heroes Vs 2018 Spring Heroes”? Maybe we will have a new Spring Heroes Banner on March 22nd, and then a banner with the old Spring Heroes for the Voting Gauntlet. I would like it.