Heroes: Feh Channel Brings Thracia 776 Units, Revamped Tempest Trials, GHBs, Pool Changes and More!

Today, Feh Channel comes to us live, from Nifl of all places.

As one could expect, Feh introduces us to the concept of what’s going on…a traditional news update, to let us know about new incoming events, heroes and more. What we got this time, features four orbs worth of highlights to cover, and there’s a lot packed into these four topics to cover.

Let’s dive right in!

We’re first greeted with news of the incoming Fire Emblem Thracia 776 team, lord Leif, Nanna, Finn, as well as later reveals of alternate Reinhardt and Olwen.

Leif, a Sword Infantry, comes with his PRF, the Light Brand, which has a very unique effect: Def+ 3 & If foe’s Def ≥ foe’s Res+5, deals +7 damage. This is sure to shake things up when Leif attacks extremely physically defensive units. He also comes with the unique B skill S Drink, which will help him out greatly when running in Tempest Trials or Chain Challenge events. Its ability is that at the start of turn 1, restores 99 HP and grants Special cooldown count of -1.

Nanna, a mounted Healer, comes to us as our fourth of her kind, bearing some a new skill of her own, in Restore+, which not only heals HP equal to 50% of the user’s Atk stat, but also neutralizes the target’s penalties (from skills like Panic, Threaten, etc) as well as negative status effects (from Gravity of Candlelight). This may see lots of mileage on teams that are regularly impacted by status staves. What’s more, is that her stats are nothing to complain about. Based on the video, she has 36 speed and only slightly below average defensive stats, which on its own is fearsome.

We’re next given a teaser about incoming alternate versions of Reinhardt and Olwen, each coming with fierce skills of their own. Olwen, a green tome cavalry, comes with the unique weapon Thunderhead, which on top of its 14 Mt, adds total bonuses on the wielder to damage dealt (much like Gronnblade/Gronnblade+, but without the cooldown penalty). She also comes with the G Tome Exp 3 skill, which doubles EXP earned by all Green Tome units in battle, assuming the user survives until the end of it.

Reinhardt sees quite a shift in function, changing from the well known player phase Blue Tome cavalry unit to a Sword cavalry, with a dangerous weapon. His Meisterschwert is an 11 Mt sword that inflicts Spd- 5, but also assures that the unit attacks twice (regardless of whom initiates combat, the user or the foe). This mixed phase weapon allows interesting combinations, such as his natural Death Blow and Vantage skills, to benefit him in quite a few ways.

The four detailed units will be available in the World of Thracia summoning event (Video here), which starts tomorrow night. Where is Finn though, you might ask? He’s confirmed to be the next Tempest Trial prize unit.

We’re also given good details on the upcoming Version Update perks:

  1. New Weapons
    1. Forblaze [14 Mt | 1 Rng] (At start of turn, inflicts Res- 7 on foe on the enemy team with the highest Res through its next action)
    2. Nameless Blade [16 Mt | 1 Rng] (Accelerates Special Trigger cooldown -1)


  1. Units with Weapon Upgrades
    1. Roy & his Binding Blade
      1. Effective against dragon foes. If foe initiates combat, grants Def/Res+4 during combat.
      2. If unit’s HP ≥ 50% and foe initiates combat, unit makes a guaranteed follow-up attack.
    2. Lloyd & his Regal Blade
      1. At start of combat, if foe’s HP = 100%, grants Atk/Spd+ 3 during combat.
      2. If unit is within 2 spaces of an infantry magic ally, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+3 during combat.
    3. Ephraim can acquire Flame Siegmund
    4. Hector can acquire Berserk Armads

Tempest Trials is getting a hefty update. Aside from being renamed to Tempest Trials+, the following changes will be observed during the next one:

  • Automatic recommendation on what difficulty to play
  • All allies gets a stat boost for the first two battles of the day (assumed to be the +10/+4/+4/+4/+4, as the traditional Bonus ally receives)
  • Double EXP and SP during the first two battles of the day
  • The 40% boost will now be for any bonus ally
  • Stamina required to participate will be reduced
  • Standard event length will now last for 10 days rather than 14
  • Score requirements for rewards will be reduced to match the Tempest Trial mini rewards milestones

The first Tempest Trials+ event will be held on April 21, which is when Finn can be acquired.

Orbs will be available at a sale upcoming, and you’ll be able to spot more of these coming soon. Purchases are limited to one per summoner, and can be expected to be similar to the aforementioned April bonus, of 21 orbs and 6,000 feathers for $9.99.

Another neat surprise to look forward to is the Summoning Pool’s adjustment. Many heroes that only appear at 4 or 5 star rarity, will now appear at 3 or 4 star rarity (and thus, no longer be part of the 5 star pool):

  1. Red
    1. Marth: Altean Prince
    2. Ogma: Loyal Blade
    3. Athena: Borderland Sword
    4. Seliph: Heir of Light
    5. Roy: Young Lion
    6. Eirika: Restoration Lady
    7. Chrom: Exalted Prince
    8. Corrin: Fateful Prince
    9. Cain: The Bull
    10. Seth: Silver Knight
    11. Caeda: Talys’s Heart
    12. Lilina: Delightful Noble
    13. Tharja: Dark Shadow
  2. Blue
    1. Lukas: Sharp Soldier
    2. Effie: Army of One
    3. Abel: The Panther
    4. Roderick: Steady Squire
    5. Mathilda: Legendary Knight
    6. Oscar: Agile Horseman
    7. Peri: Playful Slayer
    8. Catria: Middle Whitewing
    9. Claie: Highborn Flier
    10. Cordelia: Knight Paragon
    11. Mae: Bundle of Energy
    12. Reinhardt: Thunder’s Fist
    13. Nowi: Eternal Youth
  3. Green
    1. Raven: Peerless Fighter
    2. Hawkeye: Desert Guardian
    3. Sheena: Princess of Gra
    4. Titania: Mighty Mercenary
    5. Camilla: Bewitching Beauty
    6. Merric: Wind Mage
    7. Boey: Skillful Survivor
    8. Soren: Shrewd Strategist
    9. Fae: Divine Dragon
  4. Colorless:
    1. Jeorge: Perfect Shot
    2. Leon: True of Heart
    3. Klein: Silver Nobleman
    4. Rebecca: Wildflower
    5. Jakob: Devoted Servant
    6. Kagero: Honorable Ninja
    7. Maria: Minerva’s Sister
    8. Lachesis: Lionheart’s Sister
    9. Lucius: The Light
    10. Sakura; Loving Priestess
    11. Priscilla: Delicate Princess

We’ll also see updates to the Hero Merit cap, being bumped from 4,000 to 5,000, as well as a Friend Cap boost and other improvements.

Another exciting improvement is the revival of more Grand Hero Battle units. The next GHB Rotation will be including Legion, Valter, Berkut, Camus, Zephiel, Clarisse and Arvis, in a side-by-side run with the current GHB rotation. Of note, Camus is getting an Infernal round. Additionally, all GHB battles will be updated with a Stamina cost of 0, making it easy to retry and repeat to test plans out. Speaking of GHBs; Thracia 776’s Saias: Bishop of Flame, will be the next Grand Hero Battle, and will be coming to us in just over a week.

By the way, the 0 Stamina update will also be applied to the upcoming Bound Hero Battles, like the Tiki & Nowi Bound Hero Battle coming to us in just a few hours. Excellent!



Finally, we’re given something very new and interesting to look forward to: Grand Conquests. Grand Conquests will be on April 13 (lasting for 6 days), featuring a three team area of territory control and 30 maps for “armies” to acquire control for each area (Red for Alfonse, Blue for Sharena and Green for Anna).

Summoners will be placed onto armies automatically, and can attack adjacent enemy territories with a unique Grand Conquest Stamina gauge (charging at 1 stamina per hour). The battle scenery will mimic a layout akin to the Rival Domain layouts, and functionality can be expected to be the same, featuring massive unit deployment battled in enlarged maps with warp tiles, fortresses and more.

Results will be calculated like Rival Domains as well, with heavy focus on making as much tactical progress within 10 turns as possible.

It looks like Defense will matter just as much as attack, though this was vaguely defined.

Every two hours will feature a potential area shift, and will allow summoners to share bonuses for the amount of other worldwide summoners will provide undefined bonuses. Based on your performance, you’ll be placed into a Tier, which nets prizes very likely akin to the traditional Arena tiering method. Not only will these prizes be actual goodies, but also other bonuses, such as score boosts to adjacent territories

Finally, the Grand Conquest kick-off bonus of 20 orbs will be given to all summoners until May 9, so redeem them while you can!

Was that enough to get you psyched for April and beyond, summoners? We’re due for an action packed month, so prepare your orbs and get ready for another exciting series of Fire Emblem Heroes events!



It turns out that a few other things were added, which were not made clear during the Feh Channel video:

  • Colored Bows were confirmed in the release notes as a future enhancement, and the search filter screen now displays this feature. Furthermore, Bowbreaker specifies that it will only impact Colorless Bows, so this may lead to dagger or staff color variety in the future?
  • Squad Assault 9 was also released with this update, as a nice little sneak in perk, rewarding the new Squad Ace | 1 Sacred Seal (boosting Spd+ 1).
  • Lilina’s Forblaze Tome, when refined, bestows the ability If unit initiates combat, grants Atk+ 6 during combat (aka Death Blow 3).
  • Fir and Karel’s Nameless Blade, when refined, bestows the ability Grants +10 damage when Special Triggers (aka the traditional Wo Dao effect).



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