Heroes: Legendary Heroes – Lucina Summoning Event!

The next Legendary Hero for Fire Emblem Heroes is here! The Legendary Heroes – Lucina Summoning Focus is available until 6 August, giving you a week to obtain the latest version of Lucina. Be sure to check out the trailer for our new blue bow user, if you happened to miss it.

Besides Lucina, 11 other 5★ Heroes make up the focus for the Legendary banner. The units are: Legendary RyomaExalt ChromNew Years CamillaAzuraIshtarLegendary LynChristmas LissaValentine LilinaLegendary RobinBrave Lyn, and Bow Hinoka. As per the usual, you have an 8% chance of pulling a 5★ focus Hero, with a 0% chance of pulling an off-focus 5★ unit.

A new Legendary Hero Battle is also available! Similar to BHBs and GHBs, defeat Legendary Lucina and her allies without losing any of your own Heroes to clear these new Special Maps. Complete the HardLunatic, and Infernal difficulties to earn nine extra Orbs! Checks out the Infernal map layout and Lucina’s Infernal stat spread below.

We also got some news regarding when these Legendary Heroes will be appearing again. Legendary Robin will be back again during the next event in August, and Legendary Lyn will be back in October. Neither Legendary Ryoma nor Legendary Lucina will be back again until late November.

About the Author: Michael Freeman
  • Zog58

    140 orbs and I got 2 Ishtar sniping Blues. Wanted Lucina but the results weren’t bad. Now to wait until November for my next chance. Ouch.

    • Diovani Estivalet

      Yeah… Me too. I got 2 Ishtars (at least I got a +Atk/-Def) and a Winter Lissa when no blues appeared. Let’s wait until november.
      CYL is near, and… Although people want Hríd as Legendary Hero as soon as possible, having him before CYL will be a wrong move from IS… I will keep all my August orbs for CYL.

    • 100%B-Type

      100 Orbs and 1 Robin which is my first one. Only want Lissa from this Banner.
      At least I got 1 Hinata after almost half year later~

  • speedster

    I won’t be summoning on this banner because CYL, but I wish all of you luck in your summons

  • 3-13 Archer

    “When I pull my first 5*, I quit”.
    (Keeps summoning 3* garbage).

    • mrkisukes

      Any space for me in that boat?