Cipher S15 Weekly Recap: Daily Cards, Livestream Reveals, & More!

It’s been a very exciting week for Fire Emblem Cipher! Not only have we had several days of S15 reveals, but last Saturday’s Autumn Livestream also showed off many new cards and art. Additionally, we got some website updates with more information on the set, upcoming livestream, and release promos!

The most interesting Twitter reveals of the week feature some prominent Jugdrali characters. First up, is an alternate art SR+ for Leif! He stands proud with images of his parents behind him. Travant and Quan also get their own alternate art in a joined-art R+ panorama. Ethlyn joins her son and husband with a new card reveal this week as well.

The weekend’s livestream showed off the regular art for Leif’s SR and Quan’s R, which you can see below.

Sheena and Maria also arrived this week to represent New Mystery. Sheena makes her Cipher debut with a very elegant Cost 1 that shows off her royal side, followed by a promoted R card as a General. Maria, however, has chosen a rather interesting reclass for her appearance this set! Her SR features her promoted as a Dracoknight, but still wielding tomes.

The final twitter reveals this week are for Conquest. As expected, Female Corrin gets a signed SR+. The card art features her Nohrian siblings all around. Camilla also gets both an N and an R this set. Likely, all of the Conquest siblings will get R cards, similar to the Birthright siblings in S14.

Saturday’s livestream also revealed a large number of cards from the set from all titles. We also got some more art for the upcoming S16! Click on the “Read More” button below to see the livestream reveals and also the various website updates from this week.

Autumn Livestream S15 Reveals

As usual, Ryota Kawade and crew revealed many additional S15 cards during the weekend’s stream. Let’s check them out!

First up are cards from Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest. Two of the Nohrian servants, Flora and Jakob, will be getting cards. Flora is already promoted as a Maid, while Jakob is still unpromoted as a Troubadour. He’s also displayed as a dual colour Black/White card, similar to Felicia in S14. Elise also gets an unpromoted card.

Xander is revealed as both an unpromoted Cost 1 and a promoted R card. The unsigned version of Female Corrin‘s SR is also shown.

Next up are the Jugdral cards, which combine characters from both Genealogy and Thracia. Fred from Thracia and Leylea from Genealogy both make their Cipher debuts this set. Leylea was one of FE4’s substitute children, so you may not recognize her. Olwen also gets another card.

Quan gets both a classy, unpromoted Cost 1 as well as a more action-oriented R. You can see him fighting Travant in his R+ up above. He is followed by his son, Leif, as a Master Knight in his regular SR.

The majority of the cards revealed, however, belong to New Mystery. As expected, we get a new card for Marth, and also for Merric and Arran. All three of these are rather typical, expected cards.

A few remake-exclusive characters are also shown off, such as Legion and Malice.

After this, things start to get a little silly. We get two cards each for Yubelo and Yuliya. They start off in their base, canon classes. However, their promotions have been reclassed! Yubelo is a Hero and Yuliya is a Sniper.

We even get to see Minerva as a Bishop! The final New Mystery reveal is an especially cute alternate art SR card for Tiki.

Autumn Livestream S16 & Promo Art Showcase

Kawade also took the opportunity to show off a good amount of art from the next set, S16, this livestream! S16 will be releasing on 22 March next year, and it features characters from Binding Blade, Shadows of Valentia, Radiant Dawn, and Heroes.

From FE6, we get new art for Roy, Gale, and Sophia. This is the first time Gale will be appearing in Cipher, though the others already have cards.

For SoV, we get new art for Celica, Boey, and Nomah. Once again, one of these characters is brand new to Cipher; this time it’s Nomah.

On the FE10 side, we get art for Sanaki, Tormod, and Nephenee. The official twitter also shared a digital version of Sanaki’s art!

Our final S16 art reveals go to Veronica from Heroes and Shade. This Veronica appears to be based on the playable, Brave version of Veronica, not her antagonist version. And although Shade is a playable character in SoV, she was not shown with the other SoV characters, implying she’ll be a different colour this set.

Additionally, we got a look at Summer Corrin! This art will be available as a promo card at this year’s Comiket 95. We don’t yet know if the promo card will be a booth promo, or if it will be from one of the Players Boxes.

Cipher Site Updates – Booster Box Promos

In addition to all the card reveals, we’ve had a lot of official site updates over the past week. First up are the site updates of the official S15 item page. Although there’s not much new, it does show off the booster box goodies that will be included in each booster box. The preview promos for S16 are revealed to feature Roy and Celica.

In lieu of anniversary promos, Cipher is going back to promotional, holo marker cards. These ones feature chibi versions of Elise and Sakura! This art was previously used for special promo cards available at Cipher Sai.

The promotional sleeve packs feature special pixel artwork of two of the main lords of S15, Marth and Corrin. Each pack contains 5 sleeves.

Like usual, each booster box will contain one of each item, design chosen randomly. Good luck getting the promo goodies you’re most interested in!

Cipher Site Updates – Release Promo Notebooks & Stickers

The site has also updated with details for S15’s release promo! The items this time around and notebooks and stickers. There are three different notebook designs, each based one of the main lords for S15: Marth, Female Corrin, and Leif. Each one also comes with a sticker! Check them out below:

Cipher collectors will get one notebook for every booster box (or loose 16 packs) purchased starting on S15’s release date until supplies run out. As usual, AmiAmi is participating in this promotion, so those of us who import our cards will still be eligible.

Cipher Site Updates – Pre-Release Livestream Info

Last up, we now have some firm details for the S15 Pre-Release Livestream! It will air on 8 December, the Saturday before the release date. Eri Suzuki (VA for Soleil, Delthea, and Emma) will be joining as a guest once again.

Like most pre-release streams, it will focus on opening packs and showing off some of the rarest cards in the set, like alternate arts, signed cards, and maybe even a secret card or two! We’ll likely also get to see some more S16 art, and hopefully a look at this year’s Comiket merchandise.

If you’d like to watch along live, you can do so via NicoNico or YouTube. If you can’t, we’ll share the news afterwards like usual.

That’s all we have for now! Cipher Series 15 will release next month on 13 December. In the meantime, it’ll be an exciting month of news, reveals, and speculation. For further discussion about Cipher, feel free to join us in the Cipher subforum on the forums! You can also check out the Cipher Wiki for translations of the cards and more detailed information.

A big thanks goes to Kizuna for providing all of the livestream shots, as I was unable to watch the stream myself this week.

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