Three Houses: E3 Topic Article + Official Site Update (Battle & Classes)

E3 has officially ended for Nintendo, but my job covering Three Houses isn’t over just yet! While E3 was happening, Nintendo’s Japanese website added a short article discussing the game. Also, the game’s official website updated with some new pages.

I’ll go over the topic article first. This article provides some additional context behind the new E3 trailer.

A Tale of Two Parts and Three Sides

The story of Three Houses is told in two parts.

The first part is the “School Phase”, where you guide students as a teacher at the Officer’s Academy.

Meanwhile, the second part takes place 5 years after the academy days, in a Fódlan trapped in a three-way war between the three great nations. This part, where you must survive life and death situations involving the students who have grown up, is called the “War Phase”.

Additionally, the story in the “War Phase” branches out depending on the house you chose to lead at the start of the “School Phase”. In other words, you can enjoy three different stories in this game.

In the trailer, we see the three house leaders who have matured after a 5 year gap. Looking at their drastic new appearances, one can tell that they’ve been through many ups and downs through the 5 year period.


Former house leader of the Black Eagles. 5 years later, Edelgard von Hresvelgr is the name of the current Adrestian Emperor.


Dimitri Alexander Blaiddyd, prince of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and ex-leader of the Blue Lions house. His appearance during the “war phase” is a far cry of his earlier image of a nice, young man.


Claude von Riegan, the former leader of the Golden Deer. In the “War Phase”, he is the leader of the Leicester Alliance.

Who will stand with you, who will cross swords with you?

The ones leading the three nations in the “War Phase” are the former house leaders of the Officer’s Academy.

They are assisted by former students from their respective classes. 5 years later, they too have new appearances, as proof of their growth.

Together with the students who they originally led, the protagonist will thrust themselves into the war that has engulfed all of Fódlan.

Students who are happy to re-unite and fight alongside you in a world of conflict, students from other houses who re-appear as enemies with their own brand of justice.

Who will stand with you, who will cross swords with you?

Everything depends on the choice you made on that fateful day, when you decided which house to lead.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses launches on 26th July 2019. Which house will you choose?

…Ooh, dramatic. Now for the official website! This time, two sections have been updated: the Battles sub-section inside the Gameplay section and a new Classes section.

Battle Flow

The first part explains the basic game flow. Battles are turn-based and during the Player Phase, you can move your units, to attack, heal, etc. Once the Player Phase ends, the Enemy Phase stats.

You move your units on a grid-based map. The number of squares you can move depends on the character. Fight enemies by choosing a target to attack and a method of attack. Once the conditions have been met (eg. the enemy has been routed or the leader has been defeated), you win.

Similar to recent games, the game will display the map’s MVP (most valuable person), as well as the turn count.

That’s the basics that I’m sure all of you know. But there’s a lot, lot more to battles.

Leading Battalions

The battlefield is a stage for armies to clash in heated battles. In this game, you can deploy knights for each unit. Units no longer have to fight alone and can charge into battle with their own group of soldiers.

Hiring and Deploying via the Knights’ Guild

Knights can be hired via the Knights’ Guild. Deploying knights will boost your units’ capabilities. Knights can Level Up through combat just like regular units, providing even better support.

There are many types of knights, such as magic-based ones, bow-based ones, etc. The stats they increase can also vary.

When a unit takes damage, their knights will lose stamina. Once their stamina reaches 0, their supportive effects disappear, but you can replenish stamina back at the Knights’ Guild.

The screenshots provided are pretty dang tiny. Also, this info is nothing new. But if you want to learn more, please refer to the Famitsu article from 15th May.

Dynamic “Gambits”

Units deployed with knights can trigger Gambits, which are abilities that utilise their knights. The effect depend on the knights; some can attack multiple enemies at once.

Empire Cavalry come with the “Blaze” Gambit. In addition to dealing damage, the terrain inside the targeted area becomes “ablaze”, dealing damage to units that end their turn there.

Not all Gambits are offensive. For example, the Seiros Sacred Monks can restore the HP of all allies within the targeted area [using Resonant White Magic].

For those interested, this is the first time you can clearly see Marianne.

The Power of Bonds

As you spend time on and outside the battlefield, you can build friendly relationships between allies. The bonds that you create can have a positive influence during battle.

Co-ordinating with Comrades

When attacking a foe, if there are other allies that can target the same enemy, a “co-ordinated attack” occurs, temporarily boosting the attacker’s Hit Rate and Avoid.

When moving units on the battlefield, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the placement of their allies.

Support Effects

Participating in co-ordinated attacks and interacting in the monastery can boost the friendship of allies, increasing their “support level”. The higher the support level, the greater the effects during a co-ordinated attack.

This particular screenshot has been doing the rounds because it seems to show all the possible Blue Lion romance options for male Byleth, as indicated by the “S” supports. However, there are no visible same-sex S supports, despite existing in Fates.

That said, I don’t think we’ve seen enough characters to know if they exist–or how many there are. After all, Fates only had one option per Avatar gender.

Taking Advantage of Combat Arts and Abilities

Besides performing standard attacks with weapons, each unit can fight using special battle skills called Combat Arts, which are acquired by increasing their skill levels, as well as Abilities granted from a unit’s innate and learned experience, as well as their class.

Note: “Skill levels” refer to aptitudes in weapons etc. They were previously known as “Professor Levels” in the February trailer. Meanwhile “Abilities” refer to special skills; they have apparently been renamed, probably to avoid clashing with skill levels. Also, the Skill stat is now “Dexterity”.

Combat Arts

Combat Arts are special weapon-specific battle skills that are far more powerful and deadly than standard attacks. They can be learned by raising the “skill level” of different weapons via studying, etc.

However, Combat Arts expend more weapon durability compared to standard attacks. When a weapon’s durability reaches 0, it becomes broken and has drastically reduced Might and Hit Rate, preventing overuse.

The “Breakthrough” Combat Art can learned from Gauntlets. After a fight, the user can move one square past the enemy.

In the case of magic skill levels, you can learn new magic spells as your skill level goes up.


There are numerous Abilities that can elevate battles. Abilities are divided into “Skill Level Abilities” that are learned by increasing skill levels, “Personal Abilities” that differ depending on the character and “Class Abilities” that are tied to class.

Cavaliers have the “Move Again” Class Ability. After performing an action, they use their remaining movement.

Thieves have the “Steal” Class Ability. They can steal non-weapon items from foes with lower Speed.

Update: I forgot to mention, but shields from Echoes are back; the item Ignatz is stealing is a Leather Shield. Unlike Echoes, you can equip weapons and shields at the same time. Nice!

Mercedes’s Personal Ability is “Live to Serve”. After healing an ally, her own HP will be restored.

Dedue’s Personal Ability is “Liege’s Shield”. After ending his turn without performing an action, his Defence will be temporarily boosted.

Formidable Foes: Demonic Beasts

You won’t just be fighting humans.

Occasionally, terrifying Demonic Beasts will obstruct the protagonist’s path.

These overwhelmingly powerful creatures possess vitality far surpassing that of humans, incredible attack power and a wide area of attack.

You’ll need to use every Combat Art, Gambit and the co-operation of your entire army to take them down.

Because of their giant bodies, these creatures can occupy multiple squares on the map.

Choose Your Difficulty

At the start, you can choose between 2 difficulty levels and 2 gameplay modes. (It’s possible to lower the difficulty after starting the game.)

  • Difficulty: Normal (for new or intermediate players) or Hard (for experienced players)
  • Mode: Casual (fallen allies return after a battle) or Classic (fallen allies don’t come back)

Easy Trial and Error

With “Divine Pulse”, you can individual rewind actions taken during battle. This is handy if an ally has fallen in battle or you want to try a different strategy.

The moment you charge at the enemy, but your attack misses and you’re defeated… In such a scenario, you can rewind time with “Divine Pulse” and try a Combat Art with a higher Hit Rate. Now victory–and not defeat–awaits across the horizon!


The protagonist and the others can change to various class by taking Certification exams.

In this game, with the exception of magic and certain weapons, you can equip any type of weapon in any class, but some classes may fare better or worse with particular weapons. If you stay in a class that’s good with a particular weapon or magic, your skill level will increase faster, influencing your units’ growth.

Higher-ranked classes may grant a stat bonus and may come with Class Abilities. The above screenshot shows Dorothea becoming a Myrmidon.

The rest of the page details all the Special, Beginner and Intermediate classes. However, all of this was previously covered by Famitsu and compiled in our Class page. That said, you can check out the pictures of characters in different classes.

Also, there’s a stat chart for every class. From the top and going clock-wise, the stats are HP, Strength, Defence, Dexterity, Speed, Magic, Resistance and Movement. Furthermore, recommended skill levels are provided.

Below is the list of classes and which character is representing them.

Initial (aka Special)

  • Commoner (male Byleth; featured above)
  • Noble (Lorenz).


  • Myrmidon (Ashe)
  • Soldier (Dimitri)
  • Fighter (Petra; featured above)
  • Monk (Mercedes)


  • Lord (Edelgard)
  • Mercenary (female Byleth)
  • Thief (Edelgard)
  • Armored Knight (Dimitri; featured above, to the left)
  • Cavalier (Felix)
  • Brigand (Leonie)
  • Archer (Claude)
  • Brawler (Dedue)
  • Mage (Marianne)
  • Dark Mage (Linhardt)
  • Priest (Lysithea; featured above, to the right)
  • Pegasus Knight (Hilda)

One last thing, a new song was added in the music selector in the top-left corner of the home page. You can also listen to it from here.

With that, I think I’ve covered pretty much everything Three Houses related from E3. …Man, I didn’t expect that much information!

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  • Rei1556

    and we still don’t know what those smithing stones that some activities gives us, like sure it’s gonna be for forging but how does it comes to play there and how extensive is the forging feature in here compared to previous FE games

  • Asif Sheikh

    Didn’t we think Dedue’s personal ability was some form of Renewal? Or was that Raphael?

    • Killuawatt

      Raphael’s personal was similar to Good Fortune, the merc skill from Fates, it just heals less.

  • Killuawatt

    I’m glad to see unique color schemes maintained no matter the class.

  • Bepo Grubišić

    I really don’t like the three branching stories concept, more specifically being forced to join the house you taught during the war. I also don’t like that you will likely have to play through all 3 paths to get the full story. At the very least I hope the three stories converge into the same one by the end of the game regardless of the house you chose to teach. Aside from that the E3 coverage really got me hyped again after the last direct that was all about school stuff.

    • Mason Klaus

      Look at it this way, at least you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg (at least $40 for US players, don’t know for other countries but probably about the same amount in their currency) for three separate games like we had to for Fates. I mean yeah there was the special edition but that was double the price of either Conquest or Birthright alone.

      • Bepo Grubišić

        I never bothered buying conquest or revelations. I am just not going to support that kind of business model, and also what I saw of the conquest story was horrible. But I agree with you, this is definitely better.

        • Mason Klaus

          Yeah, I think IS learned their lesson from that particular stupid marketing attempt. Since they aren’t trying that again with Three Houses. I’ve played a little of Conquest (I got Birthright and then the other two as DLC at half price when they came out) but the dialogue was rather depressing and I just couldn’t force myself to play it, but yeah lots of people say the story was terrible but the gameplay was good. Revelations was just considered bad overall.

          • Rei1556

            conquest gameplay is really just that good, and the map designs is impressive

          • Mason Klaus

            I know, I frequent GameFAQ a lot and mostly the Fire Emblem boards and see either people bitching about how bad Conquest’s story is or praising its gameplay (aside from this one guy called Endgame and his multiple accounts who constantly acts like a broken record and says the same thing over and over about being able to cheese the game on Lunatic/Classic with just Xander, I find that hard to believe cause RNG can be rather fickle when it wants to, same with Birthright except Ryoma is in Xander’s place). Nobody really says much about the maps though.

          • Rei1556

            ah endgame lol infamous troll of gamefaqs
            i think map designs is what conquest absolutely nailed down imo it’s varied the difficulty is great( or hard depending on your taste) and actually shows off the mechanics of fates

          • Mason Klaus

            I’m guessing you frequent there too if you know that wannabe know-it-all lol. I did mostly Pheonix/Easy mainly to get a feel of the game but even then one screw and RNG being an ass and you lose a unit even if they do come back instantly (yes I’m a filthy casual but I’m not like most who are gonna go gunge ho and into high difficulty expecting it to be super easy, lol yeah not when RNG is involved).

          • Rei1556

            i used to frequent there but there are other better places now to get information from and talk to people online like discord of dedicated sites for some games, so i just stopped going there at all

          • Mason Klaus

            Yeah thats probably for the best, its gotten to the point some are just making stupid polls on who has the best chest amongst the female characters and some that are just but some of the more annoying “wifu” fanboys. Now I got nothing against those that have a “wifu” but I don’t like it when they get obnoxious to the point they’re practically shoving it in everyone’s face.

    • geck

      personally branching path jrpgs get me REALLY excited! …as long as theyre done well (see: growlanser, megaten, etc) which fates certainly wasnt. hopefully the fact theyre not selling it as 3 separate games means they learned smth from fates; but well just have to wait and see i guess! stylistically the ui and terrain reminds me of tellius and i like what weve seen of every character except sothis thus far, those giant cryptid demon things and holy war setting sound real intriguing. not holding my breath but im actually reappy hype

      • Bepo Grubišić

        To each their own I guess; I’m glad someone else likes this at least. Nevertheless, the branching paths are only a minor thing for me. What I’m liking is that they seem to have taken a lot from Echoes, such as combat arts, learning magic spells as you level up, long range archers with what looks like a range penalty (would make a lot of sense and add to combat depth), no weapon triangle (I think), and it looks like when weapons’ durability depletes they don’t permanently break (a huge plus for me since I hate breaking weapons and micromanaging them ALL THE TIME; would personally like no durability but this is a nice in-between). The hype is real.

        • geck

          thats true! i play for story > gameplay and i hadnt seen the newest story trailer til a little after posting my last comment but now.. i dont think ive been this hype from a trailer since we were tryna figure out who masked marth vs zombies was lol! i personally wasnt into echoes magic leveling thing bc it stuck out so much, but now that its a general thing i think imma really like it tbh. re: range penalty, i remember tellius had a shooting higher terrain penalty and iirc at least longbows had shit hit rate in gba, but overall it feels super fresh and if the leaks continue ti be totally true werr in for a spiritual successor to tellius/geneology. man, july cant come gast enough now

    • Metadragon

      Well knowing their trends. There will likely be a DLC only 4th neutral path that is the true ending. emphasis on the paid DLC part…

      But that aside this game has that time skip and some serious undertones like in FE4 so it should be fun.

  • Mr. BlackStar

    I’m so pumped for this! Full va! Weapons durability! Seemingly custom storyline! Great unit interaction (including romances yes I like this if done right)!

    One more month to go and I am off the grid!

  • I find it interesting that they mention that normal and hard are available at the start. Maybe lunatic mode will be unlocked after beating the game once?

    • Rei1556

      i hope lunatic mode and lunatic+ is in, or if not maybe a dlc?

      • Bcardia

        I think Lunatic is definitely in.

        …At least I hope so.

    • Metadragon

      I wish they’d remove lunatic altogether and just make the game’s actually challenging to begin with. You dont have to arbitrarily slap high tier equipment and impossible skills on enemies to do this.

      • Rei1556

        that would cause idk some backlash in some fans of FE, i think making it an option is the best compromise we can have at this point, after all not everyone can handle a hard FE game

        • Metadragon

          I’m not asking for a lot. I just want consistency. I dont want enemies with basically cheated stats and skills. I want normal difficulty bumped up a notch or two to be at least roughly in line with the GBA games and Hard up even further. Keep the casual and the “turnwheel” for beginners or the less tactically minded and go from there.

          I also want level limits and so far they have abandoned that since they introduced it in Awakening so thats nice.

          When it comes down to it the reason they added Lunatic and + was to give a challenge to people who had DLC and a wiki to max out characters. In Conquest they mitigated this by limiting grinding like previous games but Birthright was very easy by comparison. The introduction of DLC is really what has facilitated this mode. When you can theoretically grind forever then even Hard can be easy because your characters are maxxed out. So idk. Either DLC grindmaps have to stop (no way they are losing that money stream) or they do what I Shadows of Valencia and Conquest did and limit the total number of levels you get but maximize the skills you can acquire with careful management and then build Hard around that or they just cheat the enemy to be so OP you have to practically cheat yourself to have a chance.

          This game looks like they mitigate this in “school” phase by limited your time to develop characters and then “war” phase they fight with what you guided them on with little more input beyond levels and tactics.

          • Rei1556

            i think having the options for casual players, and people who loves challenging gameplay is already consistent enough, shadow dragon remake had it, the fe3 remake also had it, same with awakening and fates, i think it’s only SoV that didn’t have lunatic and lunatic+ but I’ll chalk that one up to being a very faithful remake
            not sure if it’s gonna be present in this game though, i hope it is, or if not at least a dlc, i hope

          • Metadragon

            I am just concerned because they dumb down the other difficulties to make Lunatic seem more challenging.

  • Bcardia

    Didn’t the Reddit leak say that the game has same-sex romance galore or am I misremembering? Don’t want to check because I almost forgot all leaked story bits and I don’t want to respoil myself lol.

    • Without saying who’s an option and all, the leak mentioned some same-sex options, but definetely not tons of them. Also there would be apparently more options for F!Byleth rather than M!Byleth.

      • Raehan

        Not just that, they’re also mostly focused on one house, which leads me to believe that this particular part of the leaks is made up

    • Metadragon

      sounds like gaybaiting. Aren’t people insulted by arbitrary inclusion?

      • Alexis

        The only people insulted by ‘arbitrary inclusion’ are people who are a part of the majority instead of the minority. Sincerely, a lesbian. P.S. by that logic nature also practices ‘arbitrary inclusion’ since there are people who are black/gay/bi etc for no reason other than they were born that way.

        • Metadragon

          You didn’t get what I said obviously. I would be insulted if my specific demographic was shoehorned into media to somehow get my buy. Apparently you don’t suffer from this standard. If not insulted aren’t you at least aware the only reason they include such things is to get you to buy it? Like look at Valbar and Leon. Thats an example of it being fine. Niles and Rhajat are not. Its just there to check a box. Hell Rhajat is a double whammy cause she is fanservice from Awakening… but I guess that makes it a little ok.

          Then you here rumors of multiple same sex stuff in a game based on time periods that this was especially rare. Incest was more common and indeed there are incest options in some games.

          You guys are alright with this? The only case where this should be ok is in the case of Byleth’s options for people such as yourself and even then only if its appropriate. I don’t like the trope that changes characters sexuality only in regards to the player character. I wouldn’t want a lesbian, who is clearly a lesbian character to be attracted to a Male Byleth just because. You get what I am saying here?

  • ParadoxxSpace

    Do units not keep their unique colour schemes on promotion to different classes or are they just very subtle?

  • nainelaine

    if there are no same-sex support options.. my interest in this game is seriously going to dip. everything else is really exciting for me! it took til E3 for them to really really sell the game to me, and i’m super excited. but being unreasonably excluded (yes, i believe only have 1 same-sex marriage option is unreasonable)..its kind of like a spit in the face. not to say it makes the game bad or awful or homophobic even. but its just like.. 🙁
    S supports are traditionally the marriage marker, but we know marriage is only available post-time skip, so it stands to reason that you can’t even see the marriage supports until during the war phase. so maybe there’s like.. an SS or S+ support..? or something, haha, i dont know.. i’m in my bargaining phase right now ): that screenshot is clearly from the school phase, so.. maybe we can’t draw any conclusions from it.

    • Allen Towe Morales

      The thanibomb leaks (which are basically confirmed now, having a ton of details confirmed in the new trailer from them) do elaborate on some same-sex options. Apparently a few more lesbian ones than male-on-male ones.

      • nainelaine

        to be blunt, f/f supports mean nothing to me! i’m actually not into pairing up other units without the addition of child units (i reeeeally enjoy minmaxing and pairing up based on ideal stat output), and even if kids were in fe3h.. i imagine same-sex couples wouldn’t be able to have kids. so if there is more f/f than m/m.. i’ll still feel kinda burned. its better than nothing, i suppose! beggars can’t be choosers (though IS really should respect their lgbt player base a bit more..)

        i’ve been assuming that thanibomb played an early demo/was a tester and under that assumption, i’ve been banking on not all of the supports being added, or not all of the support decisions being final.. either way. when switch hacking becomes more accessible, there will definitely be same-sex mods that ill play to death, like the ones for awakening and fates.

        • Metadragon

          How can someone be more respectful to the LGBT community than including them in the first place? How much catering to .3% of a population of people (only a fraction of which are specifically interested in videogames and an even further fraction of which play Fire Emblem) do they need to do exactly?

          I mean sure, despite it not making sense in a medieval setting, include them for the sake of having them if you can write them in a good way but this arbitrary inclusion should be insulting the the LGBT community but instead they are never happy and demand more.

          I just don’t get it.

    • Metadragon

      How incredibly shallow.

  • Metadragon

    I seriously want to know how this war started. And I don’t want the answer to be some evil dragon/mage magically manipulating the leaders but an organic believable reason. And it HAS to be believable, the whole premise hinges on that because during this time in school they would all have bonded to some degree.

    I am also curious about min-maxxing in this game. timeskips and time management make me nervous about lots of missable moments because you didn’t train random person A to a specific level in a specific skill and so you miss a scene or they die 5 years in the future or whatever. I dont think i have the patience to juggle a Persona level exact play type of game that needs guides to work your way through.

    • Rei1556

      could be some people like the faction which the death knight and flame emperor belongs to instigating the war, or the latest trailer felt like it was the adrestian empire who first struck the hostility and starting the whole war

      • Metadragon

        Ah the evil empire trope strikes again. That’d be pretty lame. I would take multiple simultaneous false flag king slayings over then some rando on one side just starting a fight.

        • Rei1556

          I’m just speculating, but it could go into the lines of like, since the trailer said that the land of fodlan is controlled by the church of seiros, some bigwigs in some kingdom don’t like that so they conspire to take the church out of the picture and launch a massive war in the name of world domination, or something, i mean jrpg story ain’t exactly an award winning piece

          • Metadragon

            You obviously haven’t played earlier Fire Emblems or FFX or Star Ocean or whatever. The whole thing that seperated JRPG from western ones was that they emphasized story and specticle over freedom. Its really sad that the new normal is trash writing instead of the greats of the past. FE4 in this very series stands out.

          • Rei1556

            i’ve played them all and frankly most of them are overused cliches jrpgs aren’t known for stellar writing, star ocean tried to differentiate itself by having sci fi for its story but phantasy star did that already, the FFX hardly did anything note worthy and so did X-2, if anything in my opinion out of all the FF FF6 has the best story out of all of them followed by FF5, tactics ogre stood out too for idk was it parallelism(?) of real events of yugoslav war and bosnian genocide. jrpg cliche religious organization are always usually bad, another one is big bad hiding behind a powerful organization manipulating to start a war, another noteworthy game is megami tensei, and it’s successor shin megami tensei, though this one uses the themes of religion, free will, choice, and anarchy/chaos for its story but it’s really good

          • Metadragon

            I guess we’ll agree to disagree. Makes me wonder why you continue to by products you dont like though

          • Rei1556

            to understand my tastes in gaming more, like how will I know if I don’t like a game first if I’m not well experienced in my own tastes in gaming, and if it turns out my initial impression about the game is wrong I would note that and add it up to my experience

          • Metadragon

            Well you should be glad then. Cause Three Houses looks like its gonna be quite Persona like with your time management. Which is boring and esoteric unlike the story and battle part of it.

  • Metadragon

    Straight “cisgendered” folk is the societal default. Its not some perception, thats basic biology. And yeah that type of default is the bulk of the relationships in this game, but thats not the point here just some something that needed established before we continue.

    And I love the “This setting has magic, therefore it should totally arbitrarily include societal mores that dont fit” Feudal Societies weren’t gay, this is based on feudal societies as have ALL Fire Emblems thus far. And including arbitrary amounts of modern society bullshit into it is just pandering whether its .3% or 4%. Also thats not 16 orders of magnitude. Its 1 and was representative of only the gay population which I didnt specify. And YES they do have to be “justified”, this isn’t real life, these are all creations that were made with a purpose. In this case to pander to the LGBT to check some arbitrary mark. If your LGBT and you ONLY buy this game because it has a small amount of LGBT characters in it then you are a fucking moron. I quite frankly I dont want you in my fandom. Someone so poorly motivated is not likely to be any sort of asset to this game’s community.

    Listen I really do not care if they include these options. I just wont pursue them (or fuck it maybe I will cause traps are hot in anime) I also found the Valbar/Leon almost pairing quite entertaining and written well enough but I will reiterate AGAIN why the LGBT community continues to not only accept but call for arbitrary and lame inclusion. If I found out something was included merely for the sake of pandering to my super specific demographic in order to get me to buy it I would feel insulted. Its thinly veiled “Rainbow Corporatism.” And I aint limiting their free speech by calling out their stupid behavior and how dare you imply such. That sentence was made purely to somehow shame me into silence. You should be ashamed of yourself for trying make this an argument of me against the LGBT community when that’s not what this is about at all.

    And the fact that you cant admit its in poor taste just shows your own poor taste. The fact that you are so quick to demagogue against anyone who even remotely shows confusion, disinterest and annoyance at this arbitrary inclusion shows more about your opinion that they need constant defense like they are some kind of babies that can’t take any other opinion.

    I mean look at the original post in this thread. They literally say their interest in this game largely hinges on some same sex support conversations AND THEN went on to imply unless their demands were met that they were homophobic… You dont see the problem? Look what you are defending. A moron who just happens to be gay (and shallow). My point is they dont want inclusion… they want special treatment for being gay if Intelligent Systems wants his money. fuck off with that attitude. You glossed over all that in my previous post too.