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Fire Emblem Engage: Official Site Analysis III

Today, in addition to a new trailer aimed at beginners, Nintendo Japan updated the official site for Fire Emblem Engage, to add the missing gameplay section.

Most of the info has been covered in the past or in the new trailer, but as usual, there are some new bits and bobs. Plus it’s always good to recap the information.

There are four sub-sections, covering game flow, battles, growth and the Somniel.

Game Flow

The game follows a cycle similar to previous games.

Between battles, you can freely move around. You can return to the Somniel, your base of operations, and you can explore the world map. During this time, you can train your allies in optional battles, etc. When you’re ready, simply head to the destination of the next story chapter.

We’re shown a small glimpse of the world map. I believe Alear is running in the direction of Solm.

The square/diamond location with the house and hedges seems to be the Firenese map where NPCs are being attacked, seen in Alfred’s spotlight. If so, it could be a paralogue, assuming circle locations are story battles.

I think the circle location next to the house and windmill is Chapter 17, where sh** hits the fan. The route leading north from it should lead to Chapter 4, where the group first arrives at Firene and Céline needs help.

After making sure you’re fully prepared, you can begin the story battle. March your units to fight the enemy army, while keeping tabs on their classes, stats, equipment and so forth.

The screenshot shows Alear defeating a Corrupted in the Prologue, I believe.

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Fire Emblem Engage: Official Site & Topics Analysis II

On 9th December, the day of The Game Awards, Nintendo shared a bunch of updates for Fire Emblem Engage. In this article, I’ll be analysing the updates to the game’s official site and the accompanying Topics article.

If you missed it, please check out our earlier analysis of the Expansion Pass if you’re interested.

A big thanks to TipperTheScales for helping with the analysis!


The article begins by introducing the Expansion Pass and Somniel trailers. I’ll skip this part since it’s covered (or will be covered) elsewhere.

Next, it introduces the concept of Emblems. I believe everything here was covered in the “Engaging with Emblems” trailer. Obviously, there will be people reading the article who haven’t been following every aspect of the game.

Update: Thanks to Philipp Smirnov for reminding me. Engage attacks are limited to one use per Engagement. This makes sense because there were occasions Byleth’s Goddess Dance wasn’t available in the menu.

From here, they showcase the remaining 6 Emblems.

Roy, the Emblem of Binding

Roy’s our boy! Voiced by Jun Fukuyama, Roy is an Emblem with a good balance of offence and defence, who’s well suited for the front-lines.

Transcendence is an Engage skill that temporarily boosts the user’s Level, granting them additional stats.

In Roy’s overview video, it seems to grant 5 Level Ups for most units and maybe 6 for Dragon classes (like Alear’s Dragon Child).

Lapis is Engaging with Roy to borrow his Engage skills/attacks. The map is Firene on fire (seen in Ivy’s spotlight etc.), which we now know occurs in Chapter 17.

Allies include Goldmary (sword, synced with Celica), Alear (sword, synced with Marth), Fogado (bow cavalry), Panette (axe), Chloé (unarmed Wyvern Knight), Lapis (sword cavalry, synced with Roy), maybe Pandreo (tome/staff), Hortensia (tome/dual staff) and I think Etie (bow). Merrin might be the unit cut-off near the top, synced with Sigurd.

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Three Houses: Cindered Shadows Recap & Some New Details via Official Website

Ahead of the impending release of Three Houses’s Wave 4 DLC, Nintendo has updated the Japanese Three Houses website with details about Cindered Shadows side story included in the DLC.

Note that most of the information is stuff we already know via Twitter, etc. But for the sake of completion, we’ll go through everything.

The Wave 4 DLC will be available from 13th February 2020 (Japan time). However, no specific time frame was given–and, to avoid disappointment, we’re not going to guess!

Abyss – The Dark Side of Garreg-Mach

The story takes place in Abyss, an underground area beneath Garreg-Mach. The protagonist and a few students were chasing a suspicious figure into the monastery’s basements. They arrive at the dark side of Garreg-Mach, where the surface laws don’t reach, and meet four young people who claim to be from Garreg-Mach’s “fourth house”.

Ashen Wolves

The students from the “Ashen Wolves” secretly established this fourth house within Abyss.
Each of them resides in Abyss for various reasons and they’re fighting against mysterious invaders to protect those living in Abyss.

Yuri Leclerc (VA: Junya Enoki)

The Ashen Wolves’ unofficial leader.
He was a student at the Officer’s Academy, but expelled for some reason and relocated to Abyss. Beneath his crass speech, he is devoted to protecting the denizens of Abyss, although it can be difficult to tell.

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Fire Emblem World: Daily Characters & Weekly Songs Round 7x

Just a very quick and minor update. The schedule for the rotating characters and songs on the Japanese Fire Emblem World website has been changed slightly. Next week will be dedicated to Three Houses, presumably to commemorate the game’s upcoming release.

As a result, all the featured games from 22nd July (as per the original schedule) will be delayed by 1 week. Anyway, it’s really cool that they’re doing this; I was a tad disappointed when it seemed like they wouldn’t feature Three Houses during its launch week.

22nd – 28th July: Three Houses

Featured song: Fodlán Winds

Unsurprisingly, we have the three house leaders, both versions of Byleth, and Sothis. Plus the Death Knight. For the record, those 7–along with the Flame Emperor–are the only known characters with official artwork (rather than simply a portrait). Not counting the older versions of the house leaders.

You may recall that in the Japanese version, Byleth’s name is spelled slightly differently, depending on their gender. It seems their names may be “Beret” and “Beres” internally. That said, there have been some wonky filenames in the past (like Caeda being named “Sedgar” through all her incarnations), so perhaps we shouldn’t read into it too much.

Also, if you’re interested, here’s the Three Houses version of the website logo.