Heroes: New Swimsuit Heroes – Summer Returns Trailer & Banner!

Summer has come to Fire Emblem Heroes! It’s a bit later than expected, but the official Summer Returns preview trailer is now available. This banner contains swimsuit versions of some Book II characters: Gunnthrá, Laevatein, Laegjarn, and Helbindi. Check it out below! You can also click on the “Read More” below for a text breakdown.

In addition to showing off the new heroes, the trailer gives us a look at the latest paralogue, also titled Summer Returns. Additionally, at the very end, you can see Ylgr: Breaking the Ice, our upcoming Tempest Trials unit.

If you’re excited for these heroes, then you’re in luck. The banner just went live! Good luck adding some new swimsuit heroes to your team. You can also play the new paralogue and complete the associated quests for a few more precious Orbs. We also get a new Log-In Bonus as well!

The Summer Returns banner and its associated quests will be available for one month, ending on 20 July.

Gunnthrá: Beaming Smile:
  • Tropical Treats+ (Dagger, Mt 12): If a bonus granted by a skill like Rally or Hone is active on unit, grants Atk/Res+4 during combat. Effect:【Dagger 7】 After combat, if unit attacked, inflicts Def/Res-7 on target and foes within 2 spaces of target through their next actions.
  • Rally Def/Res+ (Assist): Grants Def/Res+6 to target ally for 1 turn.
  • AR-O Spd/Res 3 (A slot): If attacking in Aether Raids, grants Spd/Res+X during combat. (Calculates X based on number of foe’s defensive structures: ≤2 structures grants +10; 3 grants +7; 4 grants +4; ≥5 grants +1. Destroyed defensive structures are not counted.)
  • Disarm Trap 3 (B slot): While attacking in Aether Raids, if unit ends movement on a space with a Bolt Trap or a Heavy Trap, cancels trap’s effect.
Laevatein: Bonfire’s Blaze:
  • Buoyboard+ (Green Tome, Mt 12): If a bonus granted by a skill like Rally or Hone is active on unit, grants Atk/Res+4 during combat.
  • Smite (Assist): Pushes target ally 2 spaces away.
  • Mirror Impact (A skill): If unit initiates combat, grants Atk+6, Res+10 during combat and foe cannot make a follow-up attack.
  • Def/Res Link 3 (B slot): If a movement Assist skill (like Reposition, Shove, Pivot, etc.) is used by unit or targets unit, grants Def/Res+6 to unit and target ally or unit and targeting ally for 1 turn.
  • Odd Atk Wave 3 (C slot): At start of odd-numbered turns, grants Atk+6 to unit and adjacent allies for 1 turn. (Bonus granted to unit even if no allies are adjacent.)
Helbindi: Seaside Scourge:
  • Sandfort Spade+ (Sword, Mt 14): If a bonus granted by a skill like Rally or Hone is active on unit, grants Atk/Res+4 during combat.
  • Rally Atk/Def+ (Assist): Grants Atk/Def+6 to target ally for 1 turn.
  • R Duel Infantry 3 (A slot): Grants HP+5. If unit is 5★ and level 40 and unit’s stats total less than 170, treats unit’s stats as 170 in modes like Arena. (Higher-scoring opponents will appear. Stat total calculation excludes any values added by merges and skills.)
  • Panic Ploy 3 (C slot): At start of turn, converts bonuses on foes in cardinal directions with HP < unit’s HP into penalties through their next actions.
Laegjarn: Burning Sun:
  • Worldsea Wave+ (Blue Tome, Mt 14): Grants Spd+3. If unit’s HP ≥ 50% and unit initiates combat, unit can make a follow-up attack before foe can counterattack.
  • Reposition (Assist): Target ally moves to opposite side of unit.
  • Swift Sparrow 3 (A slot): If unit initiates combat, grants Atk+6, Spd+7 during combat.
  • Flier Formation 3 (B slot): Unit can move to a space adjacent to a flying ally within 2 spaces.
  • Hone Fliers (C slot): At start of turn, grants Atk/Spd+6 to adjacent flying allies for 1 turn.
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  • CombatMagi

    Decided on a coin flip to go for Laegjarn and 200 orbs later I got her after 3 pity breakers. The stupid thing is I’m missing a few of 5 star exclusive blues and all 3 of my pity breakers were Fallen Berkut which I already had. No Silkie, Ylgr, Sumia which I don’t have or any useful fodder. Sorry to complain just needed to vent abit due to the ridiculousness of the situation.