Three Houses Downloadable Pre-Purchase Now Available – DLC and Season Pass confirmed, and JP Bundled with Cipher Promotion Card

Fire Emblem Three Houses has had quite a few news tidbits drop today; let us start with the DLC and Season Pass. Vincent will be analyzing the new Japanese video information that just dropped in time. Look forward to that post very soon.

First off; good news, is that the main game is available for pre-purchase for NA and JP Switch users.

The expansion pass is also pre-purchasable now on the Eshop. The first part of it includes some cute officer uniforms for Byleth, (both genders).


The DLC will be released in four waves, and will work as follows,

  • 1st wave will be right at launch. This will feature just the outfits.
  • 2nd wave, Additional Auxiliary battle maps, in-game support items, which will launch on 10/26/2019.
  • 3rd wave, Additional quests and costumes will be added to the game, this one will be launching on New Years Eve. This will come with a free update.
  • 4th and final wave, will be on 4/30/2020, which will include several brand new story content, new playable characters and more, along with additional free content updates.

Players in Japan will be able to snag a new promotional Cipher card, included with the packaged version of the game. A good friend of ours, Oscar, has the translation of what the card does on their twitter.

“c1 Byleth (Male) A promo of Byleth exclusive to early physical copies of FE Three Houses in Japan.

The teacher begins a journey split across three territories

+10 while supported by a brown card during your turn As offense support,

Breaks an extra orb if your attacker is brown”


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  • Chris Andersen 151

    This makes me think of the DLC for Xenoblade 2, and it’ll be interesting to see how it works.

  • Iratana

    It’s good that there will be free updates as well. So definitely looking forward to the game’s eventual release.

  • nainelaine

    they made f!byleth’s default outfit so atrocious just to sell this DLC
    these outfits ARE super cute tho.. love it. i think the “new playable characterS” bit is kinda scummy though. if they just mean like. Anna, thats fine, thats the usual, whatever.. but anybody else and its just super :/ i’d imagine, though, that this refers to characters in the story content…? which i GUESS makes sense. whatever, DLC is DLC, nobody is forcing me to buy it 🙂

    • My fingers are crossed that ‘new playable characters’ means we get the Cipher OCs again, since a) I need to hear Nieve’s English voice, and b) they’re characters that have no serious connection(hopefully) to the main storyline itself, which would mean that it wouldn’t feel like we NEED to buy the extra characters, since they’re just the Cipher OCs, but it would still be cool for those of us who do appreciate those characters, like myself.

  • vanguard333

    The fact that they’ve announced the DLC before the game’s even out has me just a little concerned that the DLC 4th wave will be to add in story and characters that should’ve been in the main game. Remember how SoV relied on a set of DLC to flesh out Ferdinand as a character?

    I really hope that these waves of DLC are just add-ons to an already complete game.

  • Hiroki

    Still I don’t have much interest in new outfits, cosmetics DLC or summer festivalish maps and swimsuits, I must admit they got me in the “brand new story” part.

    Maybe we can imagine a fourth story branch/house? With 8 new characters, a new lord and everything? Or a new group of mercenary, you could choose instead of the nobility? Kind of a “neutral way” like in Fates’s Revelation. It could be nice to re-hype the game after nearly one year. Or anything. Still it seems to be new story, it should be interesting. In some ways.

    PS: The DLC on New Years Eve will be about some festival of Winter, with Santa Claus outfit and everything. Like Fates/Awakening before. Not for me! XD

  • rokonn1119

    Hello, information from Nintendo jp official site. you can use the DLC costume mentioned above in church freely. But if you want to use it in battle, you have to be a commoner as in class.

  • DestinyNinja123

    So if a buy the seasons of warfare do i get the expansion for free?

    • rokonn1119


      • DestinyNinja123

        So they’re separate things? dammit.

  • 3-13 Archer

    This is why I hate those limited editions: you still have to pay for the DLCs. And one released at day 1… I find that insulting. Well, the only DLC I have ever purchased is the Xenoblade 2 one (so much content), so I can live without them.

  • Adako

    The expansion pass logo. A wolf… devouring the world? (the “Blaidd” element of “Blaiddyd” refers to wolves…)


  • SourRainbow

    I’m kinda split. While I have nothing against costumes, I’m more concerned about new story content and new characters. I seriously hope Nintendo doesn’t hype everybody up with “your choices will decide their fates”, only to release a Revelations 2.0 a la Three Houses

    • kyrt

      the leaks mentioned 4 routes in the development and thus far we only know of 3…I imagine that 4th route will be the new story content (unless we get a 5th which is very unlikely). I am more concerned that the route is actually good both for the story and characters as well as the gameplay..

      The one thing to take into account however is that if the additional content is coming so late in the year/beginning of next year perhaps we will have a XC2 type of situation with the pass actually being worth it and the time in between release being necessary to actually work on it. The free updates periodically are also in line with the XC2 situation but hopefully we receive a more polished product and it’s not just them going through and fixing stuff post launch.

      Honestly Nintendo has been pretty on top of making sure the expansion passes are worth the cost for most of their properties. The cost is probably reasonable this time around only being about 25 dollars; although releasing 2 costumes as the first wave of content is a bit insulting. I would suggest waiting and seeing if the base game is good before buying the expansion pass though if you’re on the fence.

  • Dana Zane

    Japanese eShop page for Three Houses lists Japanese, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Korean, and Chinese as the supported languages. Does this mean that the JP release has full multi-language support?

  • Ylluss

    Uuuugh give female Byleth some pants good lord