Heroes: Ver. 3.7.0 is now live!

Ver. 3.7.0 of Heroes was recently previewed in a recent news post, and as of today the update is live.

A quick summary of things that were changed:

  • Updates to Aether Raids.
  • New weapon skills and weapons to refine.
  • Additional Heroes via Heroic Grails.
  • Other stuff.

Click on “Read more” to read into more information on these version changes and additions.

Updates to Aether Raids

Defense rewards added: Each season in AR will now reward you with extra rewards based on your defense starting with AR seasons from the 9th of July, 7:00am UTC.

Rewards are granted based on your three worst failed defense results. The less you lose, the better rewards (Dragonflowers) you will receive. More defense rewards are available for players in Tier 20 and above.

E.g., if you obtain at least three failed defenses throughout the week at 80 Lift loss each, that will total the maximum score of 240. With this system, it will be impossible to go higher than 240 points, but you can achieve lower scores if you manage to not receive at least 3 x 80 Lift loss throughout the week.

Additional information will be displayed in your defense history:

Additional information includes how long ago the battle occurred, whether or not the Lift loss control was active or not, and a battle identification number.

Structures that have had their level cap raised: Catapult (Offense and Defense) to level 5.

Aether Resort updates:

  • Up to a maximum of nine Heroes can now be invited to the Resort.
  • You can now place up to 22 structures in the Resort.
  • Three new songs added to the Concert Hall: “Glory to Grannvale” from Genealogy of the Holy War, “Black Fang” from The Blazing Blade, and “Main Theme (Summer) (No Voice)” from Awakening.

Weapon refinery update:

Luke: Rowdy Squire (Rowdy Sword), Roderick: Steady Squire (Steady Lance), Matthew: Faithful Spy (Spy’s Dagger), and Raigh: Dark Child (Hermit’s Tome) all have PRF weapons as of this version update. You can view the details in the image below:

Click to enlarge. Image source.

Additional Heroes via Heroic Grails: 4-Star copies of previous reward Heroes Delthea: Tatarrah’s Puppet, and Louise: Eternal Devotion are now available for purchase with Heroic Grails.

Other changes: Maximum limit of Stamina Potions, Dueling Crests, and Light’s Blessings you can keep in your inventory has been raised from 999 to 999,999 each.

You can now view the e-mail address of your linked Nintendo Account and the login ID for a child account in Misc. > Account Management.


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    I did exchange 9 Delthea´s for grails (my first Exchange unit), because the last one will be from GHB return Quest.
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