Three Houses: Version 1.2.0 (Wave 4 DLC) Now Available + Preliminary Findings

In case you missed it, Version 1.2.0 of Three Houses, which includes the Wave 4 DLC, is now available to download! This is the final planned DLC for the game.

To celebrate the DLC’s release, Nintendo shared a new piece of artwork of the Ashen Wolves students from the Cindered Shadows side story. This is the same artwork used for this week’s Famitsu cover.

Anyway, Cindered Shadows is the main highlight of the DLC, but it’s not the only thing! All players can enjoy the following:

  • Rhea added as a tea party option.
  • Dancer attire (not class) for the protagonist.
  • Option to easily change costumes from the activity selection screen.
  • New Bernadetta x Jeritza support conversations.

For more details about what 1.2.0 brings to the table, please check the official patch notes.

Now that Cindered Shadows is finally here, we’ve also updated several of our Three Houses pages with character, class and ability data. However, we haven’t had time to add everything just yet. Interestingly, some data has been changed since version 1.1.0.

Please continue if you don’t mind some mild spoilers.

Several of Yuri’s parameters were altered, which you can see above. The other characters seem mostly unchanged, although Balthus’s default Intermediate class is now Brawler instead of Mercenary (which probably suits him better).

Class-wise, a bunch of placeholder or redundant abilities/arts were updated.

Also, the tea party data was updated to add complete data for the Ashen Wolves and Rhea. Previously, Rhea only had data for her favourite teas and final comments. Meanwhile, the Ashen Wolves only had text lines for the final comments.

Lastly, here are the new abilities and arts:

Icon Name Description (Comments) Origin
  Lucky Seven Each turn, grants +5 to one of the following stats: Str, Mag, Spd, Def, Res, Hit, or Avo. Class: Trickster
  Transmute If unit is hit with a magic attack during enemy phase, grants +3 to all stats until next player phase ends. Class: Dark Flier, Class mastered: Dark Flier
  Honorable Spirit If unit is not near an ally, grants Atk +3 when in combat with a foe one space away. Personal: Yuri
  King of Grappling Grants Str/Def +6 when HP is <=50%. Personal: Balthus
  Circadian Beat Grants Str/Mag +3 when indoors and Def/Res +3 when outdoors. Personal: Constance
  Monstrous Appeal Makes all attacks effective against monsters and makes it easier for monsters to target unit. Personal: Hapi
(Final boss?)
  Duelist’s Blow If unit initiates combat, grants Avo +20 during combat. Class mastered: Trickster
  Uncanny Blow If unit initiates combat, grants Hit +30 during combat. Class mastered: Valkyrie
Name Might Hit Crit Range Dur Cost Description (Comments)
Foul Play 1~5 Unit swaps positions with an ally in range. Exclusive to the Trickster class.
Eviscerate 10 10 10 1 3 Vajra-Mushti only. Calculates damage using the lower of foe’s Def or Res.
Pneuma Gale 7 10   1~2 3 Magic attack. Can attack from long range. Exclusive to the War Monk class.

Obviously, that’s far from everything. But it’s not bad for a day’s work, right?

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