Marth scale figure releases July 2022, may be the last (for now?)

Marth launches alongside Ike for a twofold summer of Fire Emblem merchandise, next year.

As recently announced, a scale figure of Marth from the Fire Emblem series will be produced as a collectible 1/7 scale figure, and we’ve got the latest on what there is to know.

Here’s a formal introduction to the figure, as provided by Good Smile Company:

“Okay, everyone, let’s go!”

From the Fire Emblem series comes the third figure in a new series of figures made by the developer of the series, INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS!

From the first Fire Emblem game “Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light” comes a 1/7th scale figure of the protagonist, Marth! Based on a special illustration by Daisuke Izuka, character designer of “Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem”, the figure features Marth in a dignified pose leading his army and inspiring his allies. The Hero-King’s gallant appearance has been brought to life in stunning detail. Be sure to add him to your collection!

Taken from the above wording, this Marth figure is nominally based on Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light, though his Binding Shield also comes from Mystery of the Emblem.

The Marth scale figure is scheduled for a release in July 2022 at a suggested price of ¥20,900. Pre-orders for it are open on the Fire Emblem Online Shop now until October 27, 2021, and will be available to purchase at other vendors.

Here’s more about the figure straight from Intelligent Systems:

Another look at the all-new artwork serving as base for the Marth scale figure, drawn by Daisuke Izuka.

Check out a 360° video showcase of the figure highlighting all the careful attention to detail here.

A sketch by Daisuke Izuka commemorating Marth’s figure.

Daisuke Izuka shares some of his thoughts on the creation of the figure, which we’ve translated below:

I was pretty nervous about illustrating the base drawing after being tasked with it as we were planning out the figure.

My idea was to give the impression of a battle scene where Marth is fighting together with everyone, but the sculptor went above and beyond as I observed the figure building up day after day with things like the poise, flowing of the cape, and finer touches.

When I finally got to see the finished work, it was just so wonderfully crafted that I could really feel the way the cape moved. Overjoyed, I just stared at it for a good while as I was saying to myself, “Oh yeah, this is it.”

I’m so glad that I got to draw this!

By all means, I hope you’ll enjoy Marth’s modeled graceful strength at your fingertips! You may even feel as if you’re fighting right by his side…

Scale figures of three heroes are coming: Lyn, Ike, and now Marth.

That wraps up everything we have to report on Marth’s scale figure, who is the third in Fire Emblem‘s new lineup. In case you missed it, Ike will also release July 2022, while Lyn is scheduled to come out November 2021.

Not even a year ago did we have any word of these figures in the works, but now here we are with three! While we’d like to bet on more coming, right now we’re not sure if there may be more or not.

No more to look forward to?

We say this because we made an observation that on the official webpage for the scale figures by Intelligent Systems, a message reading “and more…” that once existed prior to the Marth update is no longer present; by checking the site now it will not be found anymore.

This gives us reason to believe that Marth might be the final scale figure for the foreseeable future. But with not much else to go by, we can’t say anything for certain.

We think it’s still possible that Marth just marks the end of an initial wave of figures, and there may be another wave of additional characters much later in time.

This is because in the merchandise team’s FE World blog update about the figures which first teased Marth, it was written that Lyn and Ike would be sequentially followed by characters new and old. From this message, we also believed at the time that Marth isn’t meant to be the last figure.

Ultimately, further developments are likely still up in the air (i.e., they may not have yet committed to who else will be made), and we’ll learn of what’s next as they come.

Ask Fire Emblem fans for their favorite characters, and you’ll probably hear names like these.

Fire Emblem is home to many popular characters who would be received well as scale figures (such as Roy or Lucina), so we think there’s good reason to still hope for more in the future. As soon as any news drop, we’ll be sure to keep you in the know.

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