Heroes: August 2021 Feh Channel announces upcoming rewards, Pirate Event Heroes, and new Heroes Journey mini-mode

It’s August, which means that we’re getting one of the bigger Feh Channels of the year!

Feh’s Summer Celebration was announced first, sharing a slurry of celebratory gifts that will be coming as early as tomorrow.

Here are all the details of the event and the rewards, including the times (referencing 12a PT for the starting date – 11:59p PT for the end date as per usual), and the cumulative rewards total obtainable throughout each duration.

  • Celebratory Log-in Bonus 1 & 2 [Aug 2-15]
    • 90 Dragonflowers (of each color)
    • 90 Sacred Coins
    • 450 Heroic Grails
  • Grand Hero Battle Revivals
    • Gharnef [Aug 2-3]
    • Dithhorba [Aug 4-5]
    • Solin [Aug 6-7]
    • Sonia [Aug 8-9]
    • Orson [Aug 10-11]
    • Fernand [Aug 12-13]
  • Celebratory Reward Maps [Aug 2-12]
    • 20 Orbs
  • Celebratory Quests & Aether Raids Quests [Aug 2 – Sept 1]
    • 10 Orbs
    • 10 Sacred Coins
    • 50 Heroic Grails
    • 120 Divine Codes II
    • 5 Stamina Potions
    • 5 Arena Swords
    • 500 Aether Stones
    • 500 Limited-Time Event Aether Stones
  • Hero Fest [Aug 2 – Sept 1]
    • Features Guinevere, Dedue, Flayn and Henriette, in which celebrated Heroes are brought on with a 5%
      • This is the first time a Special Hero has appeared in a Hero Fest
      • 10 1st Summon Tickets (earned by logging in)

Next up, include details on the upcoming Special Event heroes for the upcoming Pirate Festival, showcasing characters from a variety of Fire Emblem worlds. Included in the banner are Naesala: Sea’s Shadow, a Red Beast Flier, Vika: Sea-Dark Wing, a Colorless Beast Flier, Surtr: Pirate of Red Sky, a Blue Lance Armor, Lifis: Terror of Iz, a Green Axe Infantry, and Duo Hero Hinoka: Fair Pirate Pair (plus Camilla), a Green Bow Flier. As per usual, a banner video will drop, and we’ll detail that out once it lands.

Lifis will be a free reward unit for the upcoming Ice & Flame 2 Tempest Trials+ event running from Aug 6 – Aug 15, and the other four will be available from Aug 5 – Sept 4 in the Perilous Seas banner.

There is also news of an update to the Summoning Pool, about 5* exclusive Heroes becoming 4* Special Rate Heroes. Those heroes are shown above. I’m personally excited for a blue pool Distant Counter option in Nailah, and also interested in the R Duel Flying 3 option in Laegjarn.

Additionally, there are details on the next Version Update, featuring:

  • Arena updates
  • Tactical Retreat: If you lose or withdraw from a chain of wins, this will act as a once-per-use Escape Ladder feature, letting you maintain your score.
  • Reset Button: This will allow you to reset your current chain and score back to 0.
  • New Maps: 10 new maps

Finally, there is a new event mode being added, and ran from Aug 14 – Aug 17, called Heroes Journey, which will feature quite a few details. I don’t know how else to describe this as anything other than the wacky adventures of any two Heroes from your barracks (including your Summoner). These adventures will cost Memento Points, which can be earned in-menu completing battles at a small stamina cost. These events bring different amounts of Rapport, which can award you different prizes such as Dragonflowers and Divine Codes.

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