Heroes: Resplendent Deirdre & Choose Your Legends 6 Updates

The next Resplendent Hero to be revealed is Deirdre: Lady of the Forest.

This Dökkálfar inspired version of Deirdre will be available for FEH Pass subscribers from 10th February 2022 (UTC). You can check out her artwork (by Oukawa Yuu) and voice samples here.

Also, in case you missed it, the interim results of Choose Your Legends 6 are now available.

Compared to the Day 1 results (males / females), the top 8 have been consistent.

Amusingly, as some eagle-eyed fans pointed out, it’s possible to see Nino’s faded portrait behind Caeda (and presumably Azura behind Anna). It seems like they reused the template for last year’s winners, but didn’t completely rub them out?

Besides that, here’s some pretty artwork to commemorate this year’s voting!

Left: Chrom and Lissa by Itagaki Hako (source)
Right: Azura and Hilda by Kitano Lirio (source)

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