Fire Emblem Engage: Chloé Tidbits via Twitter

On Friday, the official Fire Emblem Twitter shared another new Fire Emblem Engage character profile.

Meet Chloé, a Firenese pegasus knight.

Her profile:

Chloé (VA: Saori Hayami) is a palace knight from the Kingdom of Firene. She’s easy-going and adores her liege, Princess Céline. Loves fairy tales and pretty scenery and is always seeking a picturesque combination of the two.

A while back, I suspected that Louis and Chloé might be Céline’s retainers. Louis’s status is unconfirmed (although doubtful), but it’s nice that I guessed Chloé correctly. For what it’s worth, Louis is a palace knight like Chloé, so technically he probably serves under Alfred and/or Chloé.

Next, a battle scene:

This battle seems to occur in Firene, the verdant kingdom, in a map where you need to defend some NPCs. Which is the same map seen in Alfred’s showcase.

Left is a screenshot from Chloé’s showcase; right is a screenshot from Alfred’s showcase. The units on the map are the same, I believe: Chloé, Etie, Alear (Engaged with Marth), Alfred, Framme (along the bottom), I think Cramme (Engaged with Sigurd) and Céline (Engaged with Celica). Chloé and Alfred are both Level 7.

Chloé’s class is Lance Pegasus (type: Flying). Similar to Louis’s Lance Armor class, this suggests the existence of other pegasus classes, wielding different weapons.

In fact, we’ve seen potential Sword Pegasus and Axe Pegasus during the debut trailer. Louis’s foe appears to be a Sword Pegasus. Meanwhile, after Engaged Alfred attacks, on the map there are Axe Pegasus along the top of the screen.

Chloé is equipped with an Iron Lance, Javelin and Vulnerary. Her foe is a sword cavalry; thanks to her weapon triangle advantage, she can trigger a Break.

When the fight begins, Chloé is positioned fairly high off the ground, before she dives in and triggers her critical animation. This is a nice touch and, for a very brief moment, reminds me of Part 2 Prologue of Radiant Dawn, when Elincia and co are fighting in the skies of Crimea.

Finally, a conversation between Chloé and Céline:

This is just a guess, but think this is the start of a support conversation. Presumably, the conversation would carry on after the pair arrive at a tea plantation.

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