Fire Emblem Engage: Amber & Gameplay Tidbits via Twitter

Note: This is a backdated article.

Tuesday’s daily Fire Emblem Engage content included a profile for Amber, plus some info on this game’s time-rewinding mechanic, plus a few other things.

Amber’s a here-o!

Amber (VA: Atsushi Tamaru) is a royal knight from Brodia, and Diamant’s retainer. He’s an endlessly bright and pure knight, with a passionate heart. A romanticist who loves the fables and legends of the world, but everything he does usually leads to trouble.

A battle scene:

This battle occurs at the map with tall cacti seen in Fogado’s spotlight etc.

Amber is shown here as a Level 14 Lance Knight. His inventory includes an Iron Lance, Steel Lance, Javelin, Iron Greatlance and Ridersbane.

His foe is a Corrupted with a Steel Sword. During battle, his skill “Name Drop” triggers (slightly different spelling than Ferdinand’s skill in Three Hopes).

Next, a conversation between Amber and Diamant:

Amber: Lord Diamant, check this out! I got my hands on a legendary potion!

Amber: They say if you open this vial and smell it, you’ll always speak the truth!

Diamant: We could use this to extract information from our enemies. Good job.

Amber: Glad to be of service! Now to carefully put it away…

Amber: Whoooa!

Diamant: Are you alright? The vial’s all broken.

Amber: This… can’t be…

Amber: Lord Diamant… I have to be honest with you now…

Diamant: Amber, did you inhale the potion!?

Poor Amber can’t catch a break and I love how strait-faced Diamant is.

Now onto the gameplay stuff, starting with Bond Rings:

You can craft Bond Rings using Bond Fragments obtained during your adventure. Equipping Bond Rings will increase your stats. Additionally, you can combine Bond Rings to create stronger versions of them.

Bond Rings were covered in the Somniel analysis; they seem to be minor Emblem Rings that provide stat boosts and, at S rank, unique effects. Each Emblem appears to have 10 unique Bond Rings related to them, each with 4 ranks (C, B, A and S).

Celica’s Bond Rings include Lukas, Saber, Conrad and Delthea. Delthea B grants Mag +1, Res +1.

Some info about battleground exploration:

Once a battle is over, you can explore the battleground. You can walk around the area, picking up lost items and chatting with your friends. You may receive Bond Shards after a conversation with your friends.

This actually looks really neat and will hopefully make the game world feel more lived in, something I feel most FE games struggle with. It also reminds me of our Valentia Out-of-Bounds videos, haha.

The map is from Paralogue: Mysterious Merchant, seen in Céline’s spotlight etc.

Finally, some details on the time-rewind mechanic:

By using the “Draconic Time Crystal”, you can rewind to a previous point in time during a battle and try again. This can be useful if an ally has been defeated or when you make a mistake when moving allies.

Following Mila’s Turnwheel and Divine Pulse, we now have the Draconic Time Crystal. Similar to the player/Avatar character, I have a feeling this mechanic is here to stay.

The map is Firene on fire, seen in Engaging with Emblems.

Allies include Fogado (bow cavalry), Rosado (axe wyvern), Ivy (tome/staff wyvern), Hortensia (tome/dual staff pegasus), Seadall (body arts), Alcryst (bow), Alear (sword), Diamant (sword), Timerra (lance), Clanne (unarmed), Louis (lance) and Framme (unarmed).

Towards the left of the group is a dragon/monster. Likely a Corrupted Dragon.

Hortensia gets offed, so the player opens the menu to activate the Draconic Time Crystal.

At this point, we learn the battle occurs during Chapter 17: Shattered Peace. The objective is to defeat all 6 enemy commanders.

We know from other footage that two of the commanders are Zephia (synced with Sigurd) and Griss (synced with Celica). Maybe the other 2 Hounds are present (Marni and Mauvier). But who are the other commanders? Since the soldiers are Elusians, they could be Elusian commanders.

Also, if you count the commanders on the map, only 5 are present. However, I suspect the 6th one appears later on. It’s a bit hard to tell, but I think they appear around the north-east corner (seen in Zelkov’s gameplay).

Otherwise, here’s Seadall and Hortensia. Seadall’s a Level 23 Dancer with an Iron Body Art. Meanwhile, Hortensia is a Level 3 Sleipnir with Elthunder. The other characters we’ve seen at this point (Chloé and Timerra) are all Level 3 promoted or so.

I suspect this battle occurs after the gang has gone all over Elyos. Obviously, the royals from Elusia and Solm are all here. Perhaps it’s the big turning point for the 2nd half of the game?

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